How to Become a Watchmaker and an Expert in Just 7 Steps

Do not immediately start laughing. This is a trick question. Most often, the movement is indicated on the dial: Quartz or Automatic, sometimes Mechanical, are written directly. But nothing is written! And the back cover is solid. In this article, we present how to become a watchmaker specialist with 7 steps.

How to become a watchmaker expert?

You can’t see what’s inside a watch. Then you need to look at the second hand. If it goes almost smoothly, but the mechanism ticks dimensionally and often, which means it is mechanics. If the arrow jumps jerkily, and the mechanism “clicks” once a second, then this is quartz. True, there are two exceptions: the first is the “dead second” mechanism. In which case, the ticking of the mechanics will be heard, but the hand will move clearly in second divisions. The second is Seiko’s Spring Drive technology, here is the second. It moves perfectly smoothly without the slightest hesitation.

A perpetual calendar from a complete one

 perpetual calendar from a complete one

Everything is pretty simple here. In contrast to the full or annual calendar, the perpetual calendar not only shows the date, day of the week, month, and often the moon phase, but also knows how to automatically take into account the length of each month, as well as leap years. Therefore, he always has another indicator, consisting of numbers from 1 to 4 – just to show a leap year. Seeing this thing on the dial even from a distance is easier than trying to make out what is written there: full, annual, or perpetual (advice for a first date).

Use the lunar calendar in hours

Honestly – many are convinced that the moon phase indicator in watches is for beauty. In part, it is, but it can actually show the position of the satellite. When a metal disk creeps out due to the left tubercle in the lunar calendar, this is a new moon. When it is fully open and exactly in the center of the starry sky – this is the full moon. Well, then he crawls over the right tubercle and does not appear until the next new moon. In fact, there are two disks on the lunar indicator, because it does not complete a revolution in 28 days, but in 59 days. Naturally, periodically, the lunar calendar should be corrected. It is better to do this in the full moon and at night from 11 pm to 4 am.

Start the watch

Start the watch

You need to remove the watch from your hand and twist the crown about twenty times from yourself, wishing yourself good dreams. For ordinary mechanics with manual winding and a power reserve of 42-55 hours, this is more than enough. If the watch is automatic, then it is wound up only once – upon purchase. And then, if you got up completely, only a dozen rotations are enough to start the mechanism again.

Correctly translate the date.

If starting the clock before going to bed, you notice that the date does not correspond to the real one. For example, the clock shows April 31, but actually, May 1, you should not manually translate the date! It is better to bring the hands to the 12 o’clock position, let the calendar jump on the next day on their own, and only then set the hands to the correct position. The mechanism will be whole.

A tourbillon from an open balance

Again, the word Tourbillon will most likely be written on the clear dial-in letters. But you can be smart. Tourbillon is a rotating platform, inside of which balance is spinning, like a squirrel in a wheel. Therefore, if the balance runs in a circle, then we have a tourbillon in front of us. If it stands motionless, it means it’s just an open balance or Open Heart. The difference is fifty thousand dollars.

A tourbillon from an open balance

A chronograph is a sports watch with time meters. They have additional indicators on the dial, two buttons on the sides of the crown. The central second hand, as a rule, stands still, because it keeps a record of seconds when you press the top button. And the chronometer is just a very accurate mechanism that has received an official certificate of accuracy. Moreover, only Swiss brands have the right to write a Chronometer on the dial. The rest have to get somehow out.

This and the next item is already a pro-level; So, life hack first. A column-wheel chronograph is considered much more prestigious than a standard cam chronograph (most often mass-produced). Therefore, look for the column wheel from the back cover! It will most likely be bright blue to make it easier to find.

Vertical chronograph transmission from horizontal

The horizontal transmission slows down a bit while the wheels engage with each other, while the vertical start immediately. Therefore, if you press the start button of the chronograph, and the second hand “thinks” for 2-3 seconds, and then jumps sharply forward, you need to flick your tongue and say: “What, Walju-7750?”.

Sapphire crystal

It is believed that the most affordable type of watch glass is plexiglass, it is also plexiglass – it is easy to scratch, but it is very difficult to break. But the most expensive and prestigious sapphire crystals break from a strong blow but are very scratch resistant. Mineral (they are silicate) glasses are somewhere in the middle. Therefore, if the glass on the watch is in a small “cobweb,” then the glass is plexiglass, and the watch is most likely a diver. These tips and steps will help to become a watchmaker.

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