Gold or Silver Watch – Which is Better? Both Are Better!

Which precious metal do you like more? Gold or silver watch? Not as an object of long-term investments and not as a merit of a sports med but as a material for jewelry? In this perspective, the answer is not at all evident as they say, a matter of taste.

Gold or silver watch?

But the designers of the Russian watch brand NIKA showed considerable ingenuity and – everything ingenious is simple! – They came up with: to connect in the same jewelry watch two precious metals – gold and silver. It’s simple, but not very.

Gold or Silver Watch

It was necessary not only to develop the design of the models in their entirety, not limited to the case, but taking into account the dial, crown, strap, but also to solve an extraordinary task from the field of technology. Combining gold and silver in one product tightly adjacent to each other is far from an elementary operation. If only because these two metals have different coefficients of thermal expansion.

To the engineers of the enterprise, this task was on the shoulder. Decisive was the BICOLOR proprietary technology, practiced in the manufacture of watches exclusively by the NIKA brand. The basis of this exclusive production is the process of jewelry soldering of two precious metals.

And here are the results. To begin with – for the sake of the fair sex: NIKA EGO wonderful bicolor clock art. 1370.0.19.37. Their 37-mm case is made of silver of the 925th test, and the bezel is made of gold of the 585th test. The view is very stylish, even festive! The bezel and the hour and minute hands, crown and strap fastener, made of steel with gold IP-coating, are perfectly combined with the bezel. But the dial is made of white mother of pearl, which echoes the silver case. Along the periphery, the compass is decorated with great taste in crystals of two colors. Finally, the strap: 4 versions are offered, all made of leather, black, blue, green, and red. We admit the last ( art. 1370.0.19.37B) we especially like. It remains to add that the watch is controlled by a high-quality Swiss quartz movement Ronda 1062. The price in AllTime is 21890 rubles.

The male audience did not remain bypassed by bicolor. Men’s watch NIKA EGO art. 1398.0.19.11 differ in serious functionality. The first Japanese quartz movement Miyota 6S50 provides the movement of the hour, minute and small second hands, the chronograph to measure short periods with an accuracy of 1/20 sec. and date display in two windows (the so-called “big date”). The diameter of the case made of silver of the 925th test is 44 mm. The bezel is made of gold of the 585th test. The crown, chronograph buttons, black leather strap fastener are steel. The dial is in tone with the case, silver, and its parts (in version 1398.0.19.11B ) “rhyme” with the bezel: Roman numerals and hands are made in gold color with luminescent coating. With all the stylistic brutality, with a clear image of an accurate and reliable tool, the model looks very elegant, which is by no means excessive for a man. The price in AllTime is 32,090 rubles.

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