Strength evolution: Casio G shock GST b200 review

At the international jewelry and watch exhibition Baselworld-2019, the Japanese watch giant Casio introduced the replenishment of the catalog of the G-Shock brand with the GST-B200 line. Let’s read the Casio G shock GST b200 review.

The new watch professes the concept of Carbon Core Guard, developed and actively developed by Casio engineers. The use of carbon fiber (carbon fiber) as the main material of the case further increases the “indestructibility” of the model, while at the same time reducing its weight. After all, with equal strength, carbon is much lighter than the same steel.

Casio G shock GST b200 review

Thanks to the progressive carbon composite, the GST-B200 is slightly smaller in size than the latest steel models: 53.3 by 49.2 by 14.5 mm versus 55.9 by 49.3 by 15.3 for the G-Steel GST-W300. At the same time, it was possible to “raise” the dial, adding 2.5 mm of internal space, necessary to saturate the clock with numerous functions. It would seem a trifle – a few millimeters and their shares, but how important this is, including visually!

A major achievement, in which a significant role was played by the fact that the middle (main) part of the body is made of carbon fiber reinforced polyurethane. “A new step in the evolution of the strength of G-Shock” is what their creators say about the new GST-B200.

But the transfer head, pushers, the back cover remained steel. The combination of polished steel and matte black carbon fiber is a conscious decision by the brand’s designers. Together with its compact size, it is aimed at increasing the attractiveness of watches for everyday use. For example, in the office, where many consider it inappropriate to flaunt in massive sports watches made of black plastic.

Functionality GST-B200 is traditionally rich. The current time is shown by arrows; the mass of everything else is indicated in digital format. Among other things: world time (39 time zones, the ability to tune to one specific of 300 cities), split-chronograph, stopwatch, timer, alarm clock, calendar (date and day of the week, do not require adjustment to 2100). The dial is equipped with Neobrite’s proprietary backlight, with a double – separately for the analog and digital zones. The watch “connects” with a smartphone (Bluetooth® 4.0 technology), and is recharged from the sun (Tough Solar technology).

Three versions of the new G-Shock are offered – GST-B200-1AER, GST-B200D-1AER and GST-B200B-1AER: with a polished steel bezel on a steel bracelet or a black polyurethane strap with carbon inserts and on the same strap with a bezel black PVD coated steel.

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