A Dozen Interesting Facts to find Tag Heuer good or bad

The TAG Heuer brand belongs to the narrow circle of the watchmaking elite. The brand’s reputation is deservedly at the highest level. Its past and present contains many facts that are important for understanding the basic values ​​of TAG Heuer and simply interesting. Here are some of these facts to find out Tag Heuer good or bad.

Facts to find Tag Heuer good or bad


In 1860, Edouard Hoyer opened a watch workshop in the Swiss town of Saint-Imier, which grew more than 150 years later into the company TAG Heuer – one of the recognized leaders in the world of watchmaking. If the famous Olympic motto sounds like “Faster, higher, stronger!” Then the words “More precisely, more precisely, more precisely!”


In 1882, the first Heuer serial pocket chronograph was created, allowing accurate measurement of periods – this was important for sports competitions that were gaining popularity. Eduard Hoyer invented and patented the swinging tribe, which remains at present the main unit of chronographic mechanisms of many brands.


In 1916, Charles-Auguste Hoyer introduced the Mikrograph stopwatch, followed by the Microsplit. The oscillator oscillation frequency in them was 50 hertz, and the accuracy of the time measurement reached 0.01 sec! Heuer became the official timekeeper of the Olympics in Antwerp (1920), Paris (1924), Amsterdam (1928).


As you know, the first cosmonaut of the Earth is Yuri Gagarin, and the first hours in space are “Shturmanskie”. The second was Herman Titov, but the third was the American astronaut John Glenn, on whose wrist on February 20, 1962, there was a Heuer 2915A chronometer equipped with a mission time function. These watches are now kept at the United States Aerospace Museum in Washington.

The iconic Carrera

Back in the 1930s, Heuer collaborated with car manufacturers and organizers of amateur and professional car races. And in 1963, the Carrera chronograph later appeared, created under the leadership of Jack Hoyer, the great-grandson of the founder of the brand. Since childhood, Jack had a passion for motorsport, and he became a cool racer. The Carrera watch was conceived and executed as a standard chronograph for auto racing, and its name is borrowed from the extreme Mexican rally Carrera Panamericana. The Carrera collection remains flagman in the TAG Heuer brand book.

In 1971, the movie “Le Mans” was released, in which Steve McQueen played the main role – race car driver Michael Delaney. The Chronograph Heuer logo was adorned on the hero’s racing suit, and the Heuer 1133 watch, the world’s first chronograph in a square case, was on the hand (with the right one). Yes, with the crown on the right side. Later, this model, reproduced in many versions, was called McQueen Monaco.

In 2004, the lineup was replenished with the Monaco V4 chronograph. The mechanism of this watch was for the first time in the world equipped with a belt-drive, linear rotor, and ball bearings. The presence of the Latin letter V and the number “4” indicates V-shaped platinum, which housed four clockwork drums. Two pairs of drums resemble the cylinders of a Formula 1 racing car engine.


The year 1969 was marked by a milestone event for the entire watch industry. The world’s first automatic chronograph movement was seen and it was Heuer Caliber 11. It was soon replaced by Caliber 12. Autavia, Carrera and the modern version of Monaco work on this movement.

New times

In 1985, Heuer became part of the TAG group (Techniques d’Avant Garde, “Vanguard Technology”) and got its current name: TAG Heuer. And since 1999, the manufacturer has become a subsidiary of the giant LVMH corporation. The company and its headquarters are located in one of the capitals of the world chaos industry – the Swiss city of La Chaux-de-Fonds.


In the history of the company, many people have played important roles in it. It should be noted two. The first is Jack Hoyer. He headed the company from 1962 to 1985, in 2001 returned to it as honorary president, and finally retired on November 18, 2012, the day before his 80th birthday. Jack explained the choice of this date to the fact that he had once promised himself to rest, starting at the age of 80. The second is the legendary Jean-Claude Beaver, the head of the LVMH watch industry.

Ambassadors and partners

TAG Heuer is firmly connected with the world of sports. This includes auto racing – the brand is the official timekeeper of the Red Bull F1 team, and football – close cooperation with Manchester United, and cycling, and tennis … But not a single sport! The brand’s ambassadors are people such as street artist Alec Monopoli, supermodel Bella Hadid, actor Lee Yifeng, musician Jay Balvin, and many others. And TAG Heuer is participating in the Chinese Mars exploration program!

A look into the future

Manufactory develops and implements cutting-edge technologies. An example is the customizable modular models of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular, which radically change the concept of smartwatches. Swiss classics are combined with digital technology and exceptional precision.

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