Ball Trainmaster moon phase review: NM3082D-LLFJ-SL and NM3082D-SJ-BE

The lunar calendar with the moon phase indicator represents a special category of refined hourly complications. Aesthetics, romance, mystery all this is an indicator of the phases of the moon.

For the first time, we see a calendar with an indicator of the phases of the moon in exactly the configuration that Ball created in the recently released Moon Phase men’s watch. What is the difference between their Ball Trainmaster moon phase indicator and others?

Ball Trainmaster moon phase

Ball Trainmaster moon phase

We will answer the above question, but first, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the subject of conversation. This watch is worth it!

The dial of the men’s watches Ball Moon Phase knows how to charm: the silver color shines pleasantly when light hits, the silver arrows in the corporate style of the Ball do not blend into the background. The rays of the sun or any other light reveal all the beauty of the blue dial of the model Moon Phase. Depending on the angle of incidence of light, the blue dial can be deep and rich, like an abyss. Or vice versa, more light, lively and playful.

The color of the dial is one of two differences between the instances of this review. The second also immediately becomes noticeable: the Ball Moon Phase watch with a blue dial reliably rings the wrist with the help of a classic steel bracelet with a folding clasp, while the silver-dial version has a light leather strap.

The diameter of steel cases is the same 40 mm ideal for modern men’s watches, stylish and durable, but not bulky. I read the back cover with a transparent insert is well polished, large engravings on its edge without difficulty.

Ball Moon Phase watches are easy to wind and adjust with a convenient crown. Notches on its surface allow you to set the time and perform other manipulations without removing the gloves. It is also pleased that the side of the case of these men’s watch facing the eyes of the owner is devoid of unnecessary decor. They could disrupt the harmony of the image, diverting attention from the most important.

Question answer

Let us return to the question asked at the beginning of the review. Our response: a calendar with an indicator of the phases of the moon on the dial of the Moon Moon Phase is different from all the other unusual illumination system.

Illuminated moon calendars in watches are generally extremely rare. If they are caught backlight works due to the luminescent solution, which is used to treat the surface of the indicator. But Ball is not looking for easy ways, often using more comfortable backlighting in its watches.

The tritium illumination of the ball moon phase watches more complicated than the fluorescent one. The installation process of such a system is more expensive. Tritium illumination provides a stable and uniform glow for over 20 years without recharging from external light sources, while luminous requires power from the rays of light from outside only to work for several hours.

If you look at the dial with a fluorescent backlight at the very beginning of the night, the backlight will be bright. One more glance a few hours later, just before dawn – the luminous backlight shines dimly if during the night the dial wasn’t shone with a flashlight or a mobile phone screen.

The Moon Phase Indicator in Ball Moon Phase watches built from several miniature flasks arranged vertically. The flasks are filled to fade or is located last, rough (like the one we see in the photographs of the lunar surface) as the background. Six polished stars make up the Moon company. Arrows and tags are also equipped with tritium flasks.


Ball Trainmaster moon phase stands out from a number of externally similar watches with a really interesting indicator of the phases of the moon. High production culture and the desire for progress in creating lunar calendars give an excellent result: the Moon Phase model is noteworthy for all fans of classic watches. Connoisseurs of tritium illumination and moon phase indicators, these watches are strongly recommended to meet live!

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