Bracelet alarm clock: Omega memomatic and seiko bellmatic

Bracelet alarm clock- these are mechanical clocks with alarm function. More specifically, the alarm clock of these watches makes itself felt with a gentle vibration on the wrist and a – more or less loud – ringing noise. A very charming feature, in my opinion, that makes every wristwatch equally interesting – and is also useful.

In addition to the currently very trendy GMT function, the mechanical alarm is one of my favorite complications in wristwatches. Be new or vintage. Unfortunately, they only produce a few manufacturers. Maybe it’s because of the more expensive (more expensive?) Works that not every watch manufacturer in the range has or can get. Perhaps it is also due to a lack of demand. Somehow I can not imagine.

Bracelet alarm clock

If the GMT function could make a comeback, why not the mechanical alarm? Finally, he should be much more useful in everyday life. In short: In my eyes, these are just fascinating watches that deserve much more attention, also in the form of new models.

Since I had three of these wristwatches in my collection over the last few years, I thought I would introduce them to you shortly. Also, a few more vintage and new watches. And because these mechanical alarm clocks can be quite expensive at times – a few thousand dollars are no problem at all – I would like to introduce you to a few more affordable vintage watches.

But if you do not want to read long, you can, of course, browse right here for these watches. There is a decent selection of – sometimes very illustrious – models and (vintage) designs.

Seiko Bell-Matic: a good introduction to the world of wristwatches

seiko bellmatic

The Seiko Bell-Matic is available in a dozen variants. Two of these vintage watches from the 60s-70s were my introduction to the world of wristwatches. The slightly worn up clock is still in my possession – the second Bell-Matic below I have left to a good friend. For than 80 dollars. Which was pretty nice of me;) – Well, she wanted to have her after I told her about the alarm function and showed her.

It’s a phenomenon anyway: if you turn on the alarm and give someone that watch for the first time, the reaction is a smile in about 90 percent of the time. The watches are just fun.

As you can see, it is characteristic of watches with mechanical alarms that they have an additional button, pusher or crown, with which the alarm can be switched on and off or set. Incidentally, the wake-up time is set by the Bell-Matic via a rotating inner bezel (with the knob pulled out). With this watch, the button or pusher even has another function: The date can be adjusted quickly and easily by pressing a button. Respect, Seiko! Because such date-quick adjustment is anything but a matter of course with vintage watches. And certainly not in a wristwatch in this price segment – then as now.

My conclusion to the Seiko Bell-Matic: Great vintage watches, which offer a lot of technology and know-how for comparatively little money. And one must not forget: Seiko has always developed and produced his works “in-house.” Other manufacturers call the manufactory – and pay pretty well. So if you want to (or have to) stay priced on the carpet, you should take a closer look at the Seiko Bell-Matic in its umpteen variations.

Here is the most important information at a glance:

  • Manufacturer: SEIKO
  • Model: Bell Matic
  • Production period: mid-60s to late 70s
  • Movement: Automatic, Seiko 4005A (date), Seiko 4006A (day of the week & date)
  • Reference of the watches shown here: 4006-6031 and 4006-7002
  • Price: about 100-400 dollars depending on model and condition (as of 2019)

Let’s move on to the next vintage bracelet alarm clock – a real beauty.

Omega Memomatic – 70s style at its best

Omega memomatic

More 70s or vintage style is bare, right? The dial, the case shape – just beautiful. And an alarm function is also on top of it. The Omega Memomatic I had to have in my collection. Exactly in this color combination: With gray-blue dial and the orange second hand. There are a few other dial variants or colors and a more ” spacey” case shape (similar to Omega Flighmaster).

But back to my Memomatic: I bought it a few years ago for well under 1000 to 1300 dollars. That will hardly be possible today. In top condition, the glass new, only the dial and the hands you can see that this watch is a bit older. Which is OK – it’s a vintage watch.

Glorious. I like these works. The special feature of this is that it was possible to set the alarm to the minute with the Memomatic. Unlike the Seiko Bell-Matic, which is just about. The whole thing is done via a central and internal turning ring (see below, the orange arrow for the hour) and a rotating disc (two orange lines, minutes).

Let’s conclude: Grandiose design and very beautiful work. Unfortunately, these watches are a bit rarer and not as easy to find as a Bell-Matic. And since it is a vintage Omega, unfortunately also quite expensive. With 1,500 dollars and more, you have to expect. – Compared to some other old Omega, for example, a Speedmaster, but still quite affordable. And let me put it this way: buying such watches could well be a good idea. The Memomatic is – in my experience – rather expensive than cheaper;)

And here the most important information at a glance:

  • Manufacturer: Omega
  • Model: Memomatic
  • Production period: 1969 to the 70s
  • Movement: Automatic, Omega Caliber 980 (Lemania 2980)
  • Reference: Omega 166.072
  • Price: from about 1,500 dollars depending on the model and condition (as of 2019)

So far so the vintage watches from my collection, to which I can say and show something. If you are now fixed and want to see more mechanical alarm clocks, I still have some watch brands and models in the store.

Priced, the clocks are in the top three to the four-digit area. Of course, you can also find an even cheaper bracelet alarm clock on an online shop. They may not have a well-known name – but sometimes just as much fun if you want to see for yourself – here along.

And do not forget, the most important thing when buying vintage watches is research, research, research. You have to know the clock you buy there. The more expensive it is, the more accurate. And: Please read offers well, check the seller (reviews), the payment options (Paypal), the shipping (insured) in detail and buy only if really everything fit. And now have fun browsing for bracelet alarm clocks.

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