Overview of Hublot big bang Zermatt watch

Hublot presents the Big Bang Zermatt, a limited series of three watches that pay tribute to the town of Zermatt and the legendary Matterhorn. Hublot does not stop in its frantic pace of creating novelties and announces the new Big Bang Zermatt. I say it in the plural because it is not a clock, but a whole new series composed of three watches that is part of the Big Bang collection. Of course, it will be a temporary series because as Hublot has accustomed us in most of their releases, it is limited editions.

Hublot big bang zermatt design

Hublot big bang Zermatt

Although this series of the Big Bang is called ” Zermatt,” it also pays homage to the Matterhorn or Matterhorn, two of the denominations (the Swiss and the Italian) of this legendary mountain, located in the Alps bordering between Switzerland and Italy. Together with the Eiger, the Matterhorn is one of the mountains that presents the most difficult and exposed classical alpine ascents. The alpine village of Zermatt, in addition to its prestigious ski resort, owes its reputation for being the starting point (Hörnli Hut) of many of the routes, including the Direct North, of the ascent of this famous mountain.

Hublot Big Bang Zermatt – the duo

Hublot offers us three versions of the new Big Bang Zermatt. Two of them, with boxes of 44 millimeters in diameter, intended for the male audience, and the third, with a 41-millimeter box, designed for women, although it could be considered unisex.

The two 44-millimeter versions share a characteristic that in a way characterizes this series of watches; its bevel made on the slate. This is another example of the concept of “fusion,” one of the signs that characterize Hublot. Nyon’s firm has experimented with a multitude of materials for the different parts of their watches, but I admit that I never imagined that he would dare to use the slate, a stone that has the curious characteristic of being extremely hard against vertical impacts and extremely fragile in blows lateral

Hublot big bang Zermatt

In addition to its satin blue dial, another feature that distinguishes these Big Bang Zermatt from the rest of the collection is the Matterhorn / Matterhorn engraving, seen from the perspective of Zermatt, that we find in one of the counters of the sphere; the one located at 9 in the 44 mm versions and the one at 3 hours in the 41 mm version.

The material chosen for their box differentiates the 44 mm versions; red gold and steel, metal this last one that also uses the female version of 41 mm. This version of 41 mm renounces the blackboard for its bezel and instead opts for the characteristic diamond setting that adorns most female watches.

Hublot Big Bang Zermatt – background

Hublot big bang Zermatt

All the Big Bang Zermatt equip chronograph movement, the caliber HUB4100 and the HUB4300, for the versions of 44 and 41 mm respectively, although mysteriously you can read the denomination HUB4200 in the background images of these watches that Hublot has given us. Again, we can also see through the sapphire crystal background the profile of the Matterhorn printed on the same crystal.

The Hublot big bang Zermatt of 44 mm with steel box is limited in its production to 100 units, the 44 and 50 units red gold box and 41 mm with steel case and diamond setting in the bezel to 100 pieces.

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