Watches as investment: Omega speedmaster automatic triple date (MARK 40/ MK40)

The Omega Speedmaster – what a hype this watch has experienced in recent years and decades. Especially the moon watch. So that legendary watch that was on the moon in 1969 with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin. Since then, Omega has cleverly built and expanded both the model range and the legend around the clock. And that is reflected in the prices today. Both the new and the old “Speedies.”

For the price and performance of the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch, I have already written a lot here (including graphics). And as far as the vintage watches are concerned, today’s most sought-after models can easily reach five to six-digit auction prices. For comparison: A new Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch is currently (still) at 4,300 euros. And here we talk about the hand-wound classic and Plexiglas – as an introduction to the big and increasingly expensive Speedmaster world.

But what if your budget yields much less and you can not even spend half of the original price – or would like? Are there any good options? Also regarding investment?

Omega Speedmaster automatic triple date

Omega speedmaster automatic triple date

First off: Of course, you will not get a new Omega Speedmaster for 2,000 dollars. At least not a real one. Unfortunately, no used (vintage) Moonwatch. The times are over. The prices for used moon watches are now over 2,000 dollars.

But: You get very well one or the other interesting used model from the “second row.” After all, Omega has always brought new variants on the market. And they are always worth a look. Above all, because the enormous price increases of the sought-after models lead to the second series also increasing in value. Maybe not quite as spectacular as the Moonwatches, Pre-Moonwatches (before 1969) and Limited Editions but better than any passbook or call money account. Because you surely know that: Thanks to ridiculous interest rates and inflation, they lead to an annual loss on our accounts. (Who does not believe it:  interest rates <1% vs. inflation about 2% = at least -1% loss pa). The investment in a used or vintage Omega Speedmaster is a bit more fun, right?

After I’ve already referred to the Speedmaster Mark models  (top left) as an interesting investment in this  blog article from 2014 and not at all so wrong;) -, I would like to give you another tip today:

While the Speedmaster mentioned above Mark range has produced quite powerful watches of 42mm and more, the Omega Speedmaster Automatic Triple Date is more of a filigree grade. Their housing measures only 39 millimeters. And I have to admit that it was a bit unusual for me to wear such a small Speedmaster at the beginning. But: As we know at the latest since the article The Top 3 Watch Trends of 2018, watches under 40mm are the latest craze;)

Omega Speedmaster Automatic Triple Date (MK40) & Moonwatch

Omega speedmaster automatic triple date

But seriously: The main reasons why I bought the  Omega Speedmaster Automatic Triple Date ( Ref. 3520.50) A few months ago are, on the one hand, the automatic movement ( Omega 1151 or ETA 7751 ) and the other the complication belonging to this chronograph movement (additional function) called Triple Date. It shows you the date  (long arrow pointer), the month and the day of the week (two windows in the totalizer at 12 o’clock). But that’s not all: a 24-hour and is still on top (totalizer at 9 o’clock with a small arrow pointer). plusStopwatch, which should not be missing from a Speedmaster. And: A beautifully curved and anti-reflective sapphire crystal.  In other words, this small and compact Omega Speedmaster is packed with useful features and features (see Omega Product Sheet ). That’s more than Moonwatch has to offer. The Triple Date is extremely comfortable – and makes something on the arm:

Important to know and certainly a good tip: Under 2,000 dollars you get a “little Speedy.” An  Omega Speedmaster Automatic with the nickname Reduced. It has fewer features/features, is a bit closer to the Moonwatch and much better known than the Triple Date. Especially since it was also the first Speedmaster with the smaller, “reduced” housing. The Reduced came on the market in 1988 – the Triple Date 1996.

But somehow the Speedmaster Reduced or the reference 3510.50.00 could not convince me. Maybe it’ll come after all:

Omega Speedmaster Automatic Reduced

Omega Speedmaster Automatic Reduced

As I said, this clock is a bit closer to the Moon watch. The differences in the quick overview: smaller case (39mm), an automatic movement ( Omega 3220 ), slightly farther totalizers and numbers from 5 to 60 for the minutes on the sheet, which does not exist in the very clear Moonwatch ( Speedmaster Reduced product sheet ).

And with that, we are at the next point. The Triple Date is, as mentioned above, packed with features, various hands (8 in total), numbers and displays. That makes them a little less clear compared to the Moonwatch and the Reduced. But I can assure you that you get used to it very quickly. Above all, you have to get used to this clock, to compare it directly with the Moonwatch. It is a completely independent clock. Rather the cousin as the sister of the legendary Moonwatch.

It is so different and looks like it also bears the name Mark 40 or MK40. In principle, I recommend you once again a clock of the Omega Speedmaster Mark series. But this time it does not come from the 70s, but from the 90s. The colleagues from the watch blog “Fratellowatches” write in an article on the Triple Date: “… Mk40 is to the Mark series watches with their day and date indicators.”  Whereby it must be mentioned that the Mark II had no date – nor an automatic movement, In the following Marks, however, it is true – including 2014 re-launched Omega Speedmaster Mark II.

Omega Speedmaster Triple Date as the investment – for whom, not for whom?

Speedmaster Triple Date as the investment

As I said, the increasing desire of older Speedmaster models should soon benefit the Triple Date as well. It is also a discontinued model. Say, omega no longer produces this reference. And also the production time might not have been very long (1996 to 200?). This again increases the desire. Plus: These watches were available with the sought-after tritium dials. And that almost always – almost guaranteed – for an increase in value. The only catch: For some reason, Omega has not provided the dials with the typical “T” in front of and behind the “Swiss Made.”

Some of the watches are not yet so old that the light source Tritium age-related vanilla-yellow colors, you can often only guess if it is a tritium dial. For example my watch: She left the Omega factory at the end of the 90s (serial number 56XXXX = approx. 1998). This increases the tritium probability since the weak radioactive light source (see Wikipedia) was still used by many manufacturers. Probably also with omega. Whether my triple date has a tritium leaf, I can not just guess.

The indexes and hands are still bright white by day – and glow in the dark green. Although the dealer said that it was a tritium leaf – but dealers and sellers tell you a lot. And maybe my watch has received a buzz dial over the years, even during a revision.

Speedmaster Triple Date as the investment

So I’ll have to wait another couple of years to be sure. If you want to be on the safe side, look no further for a triple date with vanilla-yellow tritium indices and pointers. At my watch, I was simply convinced of the very good condition. Plus: She came with box and papers. And everything under 2,000 dollars.

The most important tips:

Regardless of whether it’s a tritium leaf or not, buy this watch only if you think, “Damn, I really must have these Speedmasters!”. And you are aware of the size of 39mm. Please do not buy them – and any other vintage watch – for the simple reason of investing. I have already said that elsewhere: I do not think that much. You have to have a watch and want to wear it. A possible increase in value should always come second. It’s kind of a bonus to a nice vintage watch. A “nice to have.” For whom the value is in the first place, and the clock almost does not matter. Well, he should rather invest in something “non-physical” like stocks. So far my tips regarding Omega Speedmaster automatic models from the “second row.”

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