Overview of Luminox Tony Kanaan PC Carbon Chronograph 1100 Series

Cooperation of eminent athletes, in particular riders, and wristwatch manufacturers is a common practice. That’s just not all the stars are given as much freedom as in the duo of IndyCar racing champion Tony Kanaan and the founder of Luminox watch brand Barry Cohen.

Every year they meet and discuss ideas, on the basis of which designers create new sketches. The uniqueness of this partnership, as stated by Kanaan himself, is also in the absence of the royalties paid to him. Mark has received an excellent representative, and the racer is a unique watch that embodies his personality. Keep reading: Overview of the new Rolex Explorer II

Luminox Tony Kanaan PC Carbon Chronograph features

Luminox Tony Kanaan PC Carbon Chronograph 1100 Series

Type of mechanism quartz
Housing plastic reinforced pressed carbon
Clock face yellow
A bracelet silicone
Water protection 100WR
Backlight LLT-backlight
Glass mineral
The calendar number
dimensions D 44mm
Technical features alternative marking A.1105.S
A country Switzerland

The creative duo of Tony Kanaan and Luminox

Quartz chronograph Luminox Tony Kanaan PC Carbon Chronograph 1100 Series XL.1105.S – not the first watch of the brand, created in cooperation with the racing driver. On the account already there are several quartz and mechanical models in different color variations, corresponding to the shades of the team.

Design, impregnated with the spirit of speed and thirst for victories


Bright yellow dial and green logo, composed of the initials of Canaan, personify the flag of Brazil – the birthplace of the rider.

The non-standard form of the hull was also chosen not by chance. Front-engine roadster of the American championships were unique in that they were created for the specifics of oval races with turns only to the left and were asymmetric. All systems were located mainly on the right side of the chassis to improve the ergonomics and controllability of the machine.

Now look at the watch case: the enlarged starboard and the controls on it. So the clock on your wrist is made on the same engineering principle as the racing indicators.

500 miles Indianapolis: accuracy at long distances

At “6, 9 and 12 hours” there are accumulating counters of the stopwatch and current seconds. Pay attention to the top – there are two rings: with a marking of up to 10 and 12. The bar performs two functions at once: first, it works as a tenth of a second counter. After half an hour the meter turns into a clock drive, which means that the stopwatch works on segments up to 12 hours. Excellent assistant in long races.

Non-illuminated tritium backlight

Non-illuminated tritium backlight

Next, to the hourly indices, borosilicate tubes with tritium of the LLT system (Luminox Lighting Technology) were placed. Actually, with this know-how in 1989, the history of the brand began. Bright backlighting is created due to the interaction of radioactive (safe in such small amounts) particles trapped in tubes and luminescent coating on their walls. Such a system works up to 25 years without interruptions and breaks for sleep.

Modern materials

Luminox in its production uses the most modern materials. The multi-part watch case is made of composite carbon. Carbon plastic allows you to solve one of the main tasks for the designers of cars – reducing weight while maintaining strength.

The watches turned out to be ultra-light and military-strong, good, the experience of using Luminox watches is very extensive in such conditions (they are included in the set of uniforms of some army units of the US Armed Forces).

The watch is delivered on a soft rubber strap with a classic two-pronged tank painted in the color of the case. The watch is oversized, but thanks to a wide comfortable belt and weightless body it is comfortable sitting on the arm. You might also read: http://creativejasmin.com/wholesale-jewelry-buy/

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