Overview of the new Rolex Explorer II

Rolex Explorer II is a truly unique collection in watchmaking. Your strategy and marketing policy are a case worthy of study and admiration. In many ways, it acts against the usual canons of the luxury market, but surprisingly the results prove it right. Probably Rolex has the highest production among the brands of high-quality watches, which not only maintains but usually increases every year. Despite this, its prestige and sense of exclusivity remain invariably throughout the years.

Rolex Explorer II overview

Rolex Explorer II

Another unique feature in this sector is its range policy. Among its direct competitors, the least has a variety of at least 6-7 different complications in its collection. Rolex has been maintained for decades with only three complications of medium profile: the GMT function, the chronograph and only recently has added the function of the countdown in the Yacht-Master. The theory of prestige that grants to manufacture tourbillons, perpetual calendars, smiling and other complications of great caliber, does not seem to go with Rolex. You may also like: Which watch to buy: sports bracelet or smart watch?


Every year, whether at Baselworld or at the SIHH in Geneva, all the brands present numerous novelties: a new or totally remodeled range in its catalog, newly created calibers, as well as special and limited editions. In this aspect, Rolex also works separately since usually its novelties are limited to purely aesthetic issues.

Rolex Explorer II

For all that, the fact that Rolex modifies the size of the box of one of its emblematic watches represents an event for the fans of the brand Linebrink. This is precisely the case that concerns us, because, at the fair of Baselworld 2011, Rolex has increased the size of its Explorer by 2 millimeters. Apparently, this change may seem minimal, but in my opinion, it is very important.


The Explorer has always distinguished itself by being a watch with a sporty character and absolute versatility. This polyvalence is given by its discreet aesthetics and its contained thickness. It is one of the few clocks suitable for rough activities, at the same time that it is not out of place or uncomfortable when we wear a suit. Very intelligently,

Rolex Explorer II

Rolex has maintained all these qualities and limited itself to increasing its diameter by a couple of millimeters. This increase, much demanded by some followers of the brand, allows it to adapt to the notable increase in size that has occurred in the last generations of the western population. The 42 millimeters of the new Rolex Explorer II is the perfect measure for a sports watch, which also pretends to be a serious candidate as a single watch.


The design of the box and the decoration of the sphere remain practically unchanged. Unfortunately, Rolex has decided to continue implementing the internal ring with the term Rolex repeated ad nauseam that “adorns” other models, which seems an unnecessary detail for a product of true prestige. The possessor of a Rolex already knows what sticks to his wrist and does not need to see 13 times the mark every time he consults the time. Discretion must be an inherent quality of imperishable high-end products.

Rolex Explorer II


Regarding the GMT function, it is simple in its implementation and practice. One hour hand for the local time and one for the second time zone. An external non-rotating bezel indicates the 24-hour period by means of recorded numbers. This typical Rolex solution significantly helps readability, as it keeps the dial as clear and clean as possible.


The movement that equips this Rolex Explorer II is the new caliber Rolex 3187. In fact, it is not a completely new caliber but an evolution of the previous 3186. Rolex announces two concrete improvements in this caliber. The first is the replacement of the KIF anti-shock by an internally manufactured one called PARAFLEX. The second is the use of the PARACHROM spiral.
In matters of calibers, we have to trust (there are no reasons not to do so) of what Rolex transmits to us in its communiqués, since the solid bottom of its box does not allow us to observe it.

Rolex Explorer II

In short, this new Explorer II embodies the perfect watch for those looking for versatility, combining even sports use with discreet and elegant appearance. Its tightness of 10 bar (100 meters) allows its reliable use for bathing. For underwater activities, the Submariner is more appropriate. The comfort is beyond doubt, as its thick content is complemented by the renowned Oyster bracelet and the convenient Easylink adjustment system.

Put to find some but, in addition to the reviewed ring that reminds us 12 times the brand of our watch, only mention its relative exclusivity due to the volume of Rolex production. Personally, if I had to choose a single Rolex, I would definitely opt for this new Explorer II. You may also like: http://dress24h.com/the-look-of-the-new-year-according-to-the-stars/

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