Overview of the new Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman GPR-B1000

The novelty announced at the end of 2017 in New York at the celebration of the 35th anniversary of the G-SHOCK collection – the model Rangeman GPS Navigation GPR-B1000, was first introduced to the general public at the international electronics exhibition CES 2018 in Las Vegas, which is not bypassed all the eminent world producers. Now you can evaluate both external and internal characteristics and advantages of the novelty.

Japanese wristwatches Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman

Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman overview

Many fans of the Japanese manufacturer waited for the release of the new Rangeman, as the previous model of the GW-9400 became one of the most successful in the extensive line of Master of G. Among the main reasons for popularity is the Triple Sensor triple sensor with a full set of functions (compass, barometer, thermometer and altimeter) , who came from the collection of Pro Trek. In addition, this is a completely new watch, combining shockproof and protective features with smart watch functions, such as GPS navigation and Bluetooth connection. Keep reading: Maurice Lacroix Aikon E-Commerce Full Black and Black & Orange

The guys from the channel “Forest”, telling about life in the forest, bushcraft and wildlife, tested the new Casio G-SHOCK GPR-B1000 in real conditions, setting off on a trek in the Taiga with a minimum of equipment. We look, that from this it turned out.

Wrist Navigator

G-SHOCK Rangeman

The location tracking function is also available in previous models, for example, in the GPW-2000 Gravitymaster , but the GPR-B1000 is the first G-SHOCK with its own GPS receiver, which does not require a smartphone, because the receiving antenna is in the steel bezel . Moving the receiver from the body to the outer part of the wrist accessory, as well as giving it a ring shape – each of these technical solutions is aimed at maximizing the signal quality.

Thus, the clock is able to display the current location on the route or with a connection to the destination in real time. Waypoints can be automatically saved at a specified interval, and location data (time, date, longitude and latitude, altitude, atmospheric pressure and temperature) can be recorded at the touch of a button.

The log stores 20 routes and up to 60 points. One of the most useful applications will be the ability to track your own way and not get lost when returning. Create new routes and view detailed record data in G-SHOCK Connected with 2D and 3D maps and a timeline.

G-SHOCK Connected and managed via smartphone


The application G-SHOCK Connected not only allows you to work with cards, but also simplifies the adjustment of the exact time and some functions, for example, an alarm clock or world time. So, in the new Rangeman, modern technologies are effectively used and at the same time it is not 100% smart watch, like, for example, Casio Pro Trek WSD-F20 . The watches remain classic G-SHOCK and are completely autonomous.

Work from a solar battery and Solar Assisted

Confirms the autonomy and the fact that the Casio G-SHOCK Rangeman GPS Navigation GPR-B1000-1E is the world’s first watch with a “solar GPS navigator.” If the battery charge necessary for the GPS sensor is running out, you can use the energy of the sun in the field, leaving the clock in a well-lit place. A full charge on average is enough for an hour of trouble-free operation of the GPS-receiver.

Casio G-SHOCK outlook

At home, for maximum performance, the watch should be charged using a cordless battery from a special adapter. Thus, 5 hours of charging guarantee 33 hours of uninterrupted operation of the accessory. However, if you do not use navigation and connection functions all the time, even it will not be necessary: you will have enough light sources around you.

Dial and function management

The fully digital display in contrasting colors is well read, the backlight is bright and clean, evenly illuminates the entire dial. But this is not a smartphone screen and some small details need to get used to the eye. The “face” of the watch is protected by a massive protruding steel bezel and a sapphire scratch-resistant glass. The screen is not touch-sensitive, which means that all control is focused on the side buttons and winding crown of Smart Access, which allows you to quickly and easily navigate the menu.

Elite variation of G-SHOCK

Casio G-SHOCK dial and design

GPR-B1000 is not inferior to the predecessor in the technology of protection from water, dirt and dust, but the electronic stuffing here is a level higher, as well as the cost of the novelty. It is twice as large – but Casio justifies the price of a lot of good reasons.

All Master of G watches are designed and developed in Hamur, Japan, and then assembled at the company’s factory in Yamagata. This is a premium line, and therefore, high-end materials, manual labor and special assembly control. In what other G-SHOCK you will find ceramics? And here it is made of a back cover (thickness 2 mm). Unlike metal, ceramics do not block the signal necessary for both wireless charging, and for connecting to a smartphone.

Shock resistance, aging, dimensions

Not only in its resistance to all kinds of external influences, but also in dimensions and aggressive forms, it is a typical Master of G. The 60 mm body weighs 142 grams, it is huge, bold, similar to an element of military equipment. Like the whole family, this is a heavy-duty watch designed to work at low temperatures from -20 ° C at a depth of up to 200 meters under water.


Casio G-SHOCK belt

It is unlikely that the watch will crawl under the sleeve, but thanks to the comfortable and soft strap that wraps around the wrist, they sit very comfortably. The belt, with seeming brittleness, is reinforced with a carbon insert and has a high resistance to rupture. It is attached to the body by a reliable system with carbon rods, and the classic buckle is fastened to two prongs.

Watch for all activities

These are the most practical and functional Master of G. Unlike Frogman, intended for divers, and Gravitymaster for pilots, the G-SHOCK Rangeman GPS Navi GPR-B1000 will be relevant for everyone who engages in active sports, hiking and extreme sports. A safety margin, premium materials, solar battery will give many years of impeccable operation even without additional prevention. You might also read: http://creativejasmin.com/lasting-long-diamond-eternity-ring/

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