Summer decorations: what to take on vacation?

Summer is a long-awaited vacation season! A time when you can escape from everyday life and add to life bright colors and emotions. If you are now preparing for a trip, then in addition to light outfits do not forget to bring the appropriate accessories. Before you 5 ornaments – a reasonable minimum, without which summer decorations you can not do this summer.

Summer decorations

Summer decorations

Marine life

Accessories in the form of representatives of the fauna inhabiting the bottom of the sea, is the main trend of the summer. If you already pack the suitcases, grab the gold earrings-pendants Leo Totti in the form of sea stars, striking in their naturalism. Keep reading: Review of men’s German watches Bruno Sohnle

Bright enamel

Summer – a time of bright colors, not only in clothes but also in jewelry! Large rings, bracelets, pendants and earrings – decorations with enamel look like canvases of artists, embodied in miniature! Do not skimp on colors and bolder them into the image.

Summer decorations

Ship subjects

Sea knots, boats, anchors and helmets are the main decorations for those who plan to spend their holidays on a sea cruise or on the azure coast. These accessories are universal in nature and will work well with almost everything: a vest and shorts, airy dresses of juicy hues and a swimsuit – better and you will not think up!

Large bracelets with multi-colored beads

The warmer in the street, the shorter the sleeves and, correspondingly, the actual bracelets ! Must-have in the list of decorations for the holidays – bracelets with large multi-colored beads. They will give a summer, relaxed mood to the whole image, even if you prefer laconic things, like a monochrome white T-shirt and short denim shorts. Bracelets can be worn one at a time or several at once, on one or both hands – it’s up to you!

Summer decorations

Anklet – ankle bracelets

Decoration, beloved by the hippies in the mid-70s, is again at the height of popularity! Bracelets on the ankle, or anklet (from the English anklet), are especially relevant in the summer season – open shoes make it easy to demonstrate an accessory to others. Boldly emphasize the beauty of the feet and tan with a thin chain with “charms” in the form of shiny colored stones and miniature figures. You might also like:

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