Aviator watch: Mig-29 Cockpit GMT and Airacobra

In the center of attention are two watch models of the Swiss company Aviator. Inspired by the cockpits of aircraft, the uniform of pilots and precise flight equipment, the brand creates memorable and recognizable wrist accessories in the best traditions of the Swiss watch industry. Let’s know about Aviator Mig-29 Cockpit and Airacobra P45.

Specification of Mig-29 Cockpit and Airacobra P45

Specifications Aviator Mig-29 GMT M. Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono Auto V.
Type of mechanism quartz mechanical with automatic winding
Caliber Ronda 515.24H ETA 7750
Housing steel steel
Clock face the black the black
A bracelet leather belt leather belt
Water protection 100WR 100WR
Backlight luminescent hands and marks (Superluminova) luminescent hands and marks (Superluminova)
Glass sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating
The calendar number day
dimensions D 45mm, thickness 12mm D 45mm, thickness 14.2mm
A country Switzerland Switzerland

Mig-29 Cockpit

The MIG-29 collection was already presented in our blog by the Cockpit Chrono model, a quartz stopwatch with an alarm clock, now we have Aviator Cockpit Mig-29 GMT. As the name suggests, the model is complemented by the GMT function. An important and convenient complication is useful for pilots and travelers who, having arrived in a new time zone, can easily keep time under control. Keep reading: Chopard Monaco Historique Time Attack MF

Design of the dial

The main function of Aviator M. is the display of the second time zone, and all attention, apart from the main time indication, is given to it. White hands and hour markers contrast sharply with the anthracite dial. The red triangle of the additional arrow is unobtrusive but clearly defines the guest time. To emphasize its purpose, the same red lettering “GMT” in the center is made.

The dial is divided into several levels. The central part is recessed and as if vulcanized: the whole surface looks rough. It is surrounded by a smooth ring with powerful overhead markers filled with the luminescent composition. The third level, the oblique flange along the circumference, completes the volume picture, with 60 drawn marks on it. The date aperture is shifted slightly downwards so that the symmetry of the hour markers is preserved on the dial.

Functional elements of the bezel

The circumference of the dial repeats the steel bezel, satin top and with polished to shine sides. As part of the GMT system, it also carries an important technical load: a 24-hour scale is applied to its surface. This is a fine engraving, filled with black paint for contrast. It is indicated by the arrow of the second time zone. Two elements on the “8 and 16 hours” of the bezel perform not only a decorative function but also serve as an emphasis for the fingers when translating arrows.

Mig-29 Cockpit


If you turn the clock, the circle of the bezel on the back side duplicates the back cover with the engraving of the fighter, although the whole body is made in a non-standard form. Read also: Swiss women’s watches Aerowatch from the collection of Homage 1910

Inside the quartz movement of Swiss production, Ronda 515 version 24Hours is installed. The current time and the arrow of the second time zone are controlled by one crown, the ledges on either side of it serve as decor and additional protection.


The watch is supplied on a wide leather belt. A smooth surface and a contrasting white line again refer to military instruments. Pay attention to the powerful bacon fastening the strap: its large shapes and faceted surfaces perfectly complement the image.

Swiss mechanical wristwatch Aviator Airacobra P45 Chrono Auto V. with chronograph

As for the model from the Airacobra collection, the watch has completely retained its previous design but has fundamentally changed from the inside. Airacobra P45 Chrono Auto V. – a real mechanic with self-winding. The price compared to the quartz version, about which you can also read in the blog, has grown at times. This is a payment for the historic “Perpetuum mobile”, caliber 7750.

Mig-29 Cockpit


This is certainly the “same” chronograph of the pilot with an eye on the model of the heyday of aviation. The radiant dial of black color overflows and plays shades in the sun thanks to laser engraving. In the best traditions of aviation clocks and an abundance of auxiliary elements: small strokes and scales. The oblique arrows point precisely at the large marks.

Ergonomy of the dial

The arrangement of the elements is due to the beating inside the mechanism. Everything is in its place: at three o’clock the calendar window with the date and day of the week. Black with silvery tint additional indicators is in the position “6, 9 and 12 hours”. The dial with a small white arrow is seconds of the current time, the other two with yellow are the stopwatch counters for 30 minutes and 12 hours.

The central second hand with a yellow tip plays the role of a second chronograph pointer. There is a traditional color separation of functions: the arrows are on different axes and, in order not to confuse functions, the main time is represented by “white”, and the stopwatch is “yellow”.

Functions: speed and distance

Mig-29 Cockpit

In addition to the chronograph, there are two scales on the dial: a tachometer and a telemetry. The tachometer is a white circle, drawn from 60 to 500 km / h. It measures the average speed of movement on a fixed segment of the path. The telemetry, drawn at the very periphery with a step of one kilometer, makes it possible to determine the distance to the source of light and sound – an explosion or lightning. Everything works very simply: at the beginning of the event, press “start”, at the end of the “pause”, the stopwatch arrow indicates the correct result.

The case of the model is absolutely round, made of high-quality stainless steel. Its main element – the controls, without any embarrassment protruding from the right side. Coping with such easily even with gloves, good, the crown is also corrugated. A narrow bezel does not distract attention from the dial and gives extra space. Its sloping shape is underlined by a combination of different polishing methods.

Mig-29 Cockpit

With the belt did not become tricky, it is restrained, monophonic, with embossed skins of the alligator. Serves as a frame and support for the body washer. Tradition is continued with a three-piece folding butterfly buckle, the brand logo spread on it.

The feeling that Mig-29 Cockpit is a hi-end class watch does not leave even for a second while viewing the Airacobra watch. Weight, tactile sensations, small details like the logo of the brand on the crown, processing of the buckle in the same manner as the bezel, and the whole body, the mechanism with the decorated rotor open from the rear, a soft pleasant belt – in combination all this creates a very attractive look. If buying an airplane is still delayed – take a closer look at these watches, they will help you to fly in the clouds of exact time and bask in the rays of attention. You might also like: http://jimiwatches.com/invitation-take-off-mens-watch-aviator-mig-29-chrono/

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