Review of Swiss Military Hanowa watch from the Sea Lion collection

The extraction of these watches from the box can cause slight bewilderment among specialists of the watch industry. Such people will inevitably ask themselves the question “Is this a joke?” No. Not a joke.

Review of Swiss Military Hanowa watch from the Sea Lion collection

SM Hanowa Sea Lion
SM Hanowa Sea Lion


06-4279.04.007.04 06-4279.04.007.07 06-4279.04.007.03
Type of mechanism: quartz quartz quartz
Caliber: Ronda 505 Ronda 505 Ronda 505
Housing: steel with partial PVD coating steel with partial PVD coating steel with partial PVD coating
Clock face: the black the black the black
A bracelet: nylon strap nylon strap nylon strap
Water protection: 100WR 100WR 100WR
Glass: mineral with sapphire coating mineral with sapphire coating mineral with sapphire coating
The calendar number number number
Dimensions: D 44mm D 44mm D 44mm

On the table lie the men’s watches Swiss Military Hanowa, representing the collection of Sea Lion. Tempted personalities, they immediately reminded of the legendary limited edition submariner, produced since 1953. We will spend 63 years ahead of life – in the current 2016 Rolex Submariner remain in demand, which sometimes causes confusion: how did the models with such a simple appearance manage to remain on the list of the best-selling watches for six decades?

An exhaustive answer to this question does not fit into this review. We will confine ourselves to the extremely condensed version: the Rolex Submariner watches are made super-high, looking unassuming, something even minimalistic. Therefore, their image attracts people, from these watches a positive energy comes, and it is reliable. The ubiquitous “pirates” forge Rolex Submariner so often and with such zeal that the next editions of the manual “How to distinguish fake Submariner from real” just do not have time to appear on time. For one edition – two new fakes.

Looking ahead, we will inform you that the Sea Lion watch from Swiss Military Hanowa is by no means a fake. This is really a quality copy of the famous Rolex Submariner watch. “But why is it needed at all, this copy?” – such a question can be occupied by the mind of people who are just beginning their acquaintance with the world of watches. The answer lies in the details.

Effective cloning

The Sea Lion watch has a quartz caliber Ronda 505, while the quartz Rolex Submariner simply does not exist. This has its advantages – the quartz movement of the Swiss Military Hanowa production does not require maintenance, except to replace the battery. Black Sea Lion dials cover mineral glass, on the Submariner they have been sapphire for the last three decades – before that they were acrylic.

quartz caliber Ronda 505
Quartz caliber Ronda 505

The aperture of the calendar for Sea Lion is devoid of the magnifying glass present on some Submariner models. Let’s not forget that some versions of Submariner are completely devoid of a calendar.

The bezel on Swiss Military Hanowa watches rotates in one direction – a sign of a tool for professional diving. But this detail, in this case, is made only for a greater correspondence thus Rolex Submariner. The Sea Lion model can withstand loads from swimming with any style on the surface, but these scales are not calculated for scuba diving. With Rolex Submariner everything is the other way around, their water resistance has been and remains one of the main trumps of the legend. Check also:

The Sea Lion tags accurately copy their “colleagues” from the Submariner dial, with a reservation to the dimensions: the Sea Lion dial is larger than on the Submariner, the diameter of the Swiss Military Hanowa models exceeds the Rolex “ancestor” by 4 mm. April Fools’ jokes about the release of the Submariner model with a body diameter of 44 mm, however, remain all as funny. The hands of Sea Lion only remotely resemble those found on the Rolex.

The second group has a serious argument in its defense – frames from the James Bond films. In one of the early films Bond wears the Rolex Submariner on a nylon strap, it’s easier to mount over the sleeve of a wetsuit. The modern bond continues this tradition: on the set (and beyond) the performer of the role of the famous spy was seen with Rolex Submariner on a nylon strap. In this sense, Swiss Military Hanowa Sea Lion accurately copies the Rolex Submariner in a non-standard configuration. Keep reading

Miser pays twice

So what was this watch made for? To whom is this Rolex copy made by Swiss Military Hanowa addressed?

This watch was made so that hundreds of thousands of people around the world had the opportunity to touch the same Rolex Submariner while not spending money on forgery. Swiss Military Hanowa Sea Lion is addressed to those who want to invest relatively little money in the purchase of a reliable copy of a living legend. The whole beauty of the copy is that it will serve as faith and truth. Unlike “variations on the topic.” After all, it’s still a copy of a worthy Swiss manufactory.

Judge for yourself: The average price for Rolex Submariner in Russia is 800 thousand rubles, often come across copies costing one or two million. A similar pricing policy has developed in all countries of the world – this Rolex watch is not cheap, wherever a person tries to buy them. But many really want to. And many still throw money at fake Rolex Submariner at a cost of 2-5 thousand rubles. These “creations” or “craftsmen” from the Vietnamese cellar fail at the first fall from the table or surface water ingress.

Therefore, we gladly accepted the appearance of the Sea Lion model from Swiss Military Hanowa – the very Rolex Submariner is too expensive for us, and the design is very like! So it’s easier to buy a Sea Lion watch from a Swiss manufacturer Swiss Military Hanowa, though the similarity between them and Submariner is purely external. But they do not break.

And there, perhaps, the time will come and the “native” Submariner.

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