Review of Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm wrist watch

In the hope that the forum does not decay and you can get with me or even stoning me if you feel like it, I will officially present my last newcomer. I have to say; it’s a watch that I’ve had before in two other versions … I had the Hamilton Khaki Field steel and 42mm leather, and I also had the Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm too. The first I sold to buy the second, and the second, I sold it because I was bored with its gray color “mate,” and also, the 42mm Khaki have always seemed great for the type or style of watch they are. Also, with the long handles that the 42mm models have, they still look bigger.

Well, look where, from time to time, some brand reads your thoughts, and get your “It turns out that I was always in love with the dial of the automatic Officer, but its diameter of 44mm, made me desist from his purchase … But without warning, or request from me, or anything, Hamilton decides to get a new version of the Khaki Field, in an ideal size for my taste, 40mm. Keep reading: The Most Beautiful Watch of the World Cacheux 8 review

Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm

Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm

Two of the versions of that measure, mounted a dial similar to the Officer, and to top it off, one of those versions, wearing the metal bracelet. Someone had read my thoughts Well, after that detail of the brand with me, I could not do anything but buy it. With even more reason, if we consider, that I had run out of any Hamilton in my box and that above, the Khaki Field was my first “grail” in this world of watches.

Well, without further ado, I am going to introduce you to the “creature,” and I will try to “break down” its characteristics within my limitations.

The clock in question is the following: In the following photo, you can see your dial in more detail. In it you can see that the number “3” is somewhat diverted to the outside, to accommodate the dial:

On your dial, you will observe several “time scales.” The innermost one shows the hours from 13 to 24. The one in the middle and the one that stands out the most by size shows the hours from 1 to 12. And the outer one shows the minutes from five to five, and with an outer minute rail with divisions made with small stripes, and in which those corresponding to the last ten minutes are “drawn” on a red background instead of black, like the rest of the marks. Apart from that, if you look at the typography of the letters that form the word Hamilton, they have a certain vintage air. Also, if you notice, you will notice that the crown is more proportionate in size, concerning the box than in the 42mm models. It loses perhaps some ease of operation, but aesthetically, EMHO wins integers.

The box, like the bracelet, is made entirely of 316 steel, with a brushed finish (very soft) on the sides of the frame and the top. Only the bezel with polished mirror finish remains.

The bracelet

Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm

As you can see in the previous photograph, is made up of three rows of links. The finish of the two outer rows is brushed, and the central row shows the same polished mirror finish as the bevel. In principle, this “mixed” finish was something that did not fit with the concept of the Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm that is the Khaki, but I think this new reinterpretation of this icon of watchmaking, has led it to evolve a little. This version of Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm perhaps is somewhat less tool than its “brothers” of 42mm and 38mm, and more “elegant” watch, or at least, “versatile” or as some anglophiles say there, is a very “dress” watch. ..The sides of the arm, tambilén show mirror polished finish in all links. Of course, it goes without saying, that the complete bracelet is solid, and of excellent quality and mechanized. Check this:

I forgot … notice to navigators … This bracelet has a fastening and adjustment system similar to that of Seiko models (Sumos and others). The union between links is using pin and “bushing,” but in this case, the bushing does not go at one end of the link, but at the same center. Also, the “caps,” are of a size superior to that mounted models of the Japanese brand. The pins can be removed by either side of the link, although it costs a lot. And when the arm is adjusted, those pins do not come out due to much abuse that is given to the watch.
The closure is made of solid steel, no “badges” or similar. It has two buttons on the sides to open it, and four micro-adjustment points, to make it ideal for each one. It is signed by the Hamilton brand, as is usual in all its models.

Technical features of the Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm

Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm

– It has a pressure crown and “screwed” back cover, with six screws. It is not threaded, although it certifies some very acceptable 100m. Water resistant (sufficient in this type of watch). The Khaki I had made of titanium also had the same type of closure on the back cover.
– Sapphire crystal was slightly domed. I’m not sure if it carries AR, because if it does, the visibility is more or less as in the previous models. But frankly, I have no problem with visibility.

– The needles and numbers from 1 to 12 have lumen applied, to see the time in the dark. It is not powerful nor durable as a diver of Seiko, but I think it is enough for the user that this watch will have.

– The caliber is the well-known ETA2824-2. Doubted between this model and some other of those who assemble the new calibers with 80 hours of power reserve. But finally I decided on this for aesthetics obviously (because it is he that I had always liked, even before existing …) and because that the new calibers carry some synthetic component, and also cannot be adjusted by coming adjusted with the laser from the factory, I ended up throwing back.

I think I have not forgotten anything … I’ve been in this world for more than five years, and I think this is the first review that I’ve decided to do. I’ve presented a lot of watches, but to make one minirevisión, I think I had never done it … I hope you liked it … As for the photos, they are in my usual line, that is, bad.

But it is this revision I made in an outburst that has given me. Far from it. I took advantage of the fact that the watch was on, and that today at work I had a “relaxed” day. So, the photos are made with the phone, fast, indoors and with artificial lighting … if you add the little art of the photographer, you can not expect miracles …

Nothing more, comrades. I hope you like Hamilton Khaki Field 40mm as much as I do (I am in love ), and that a few CRI’s come out of here. The comments and answers will be appreciated.

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