Overview of Ladies watch Hanowa Circulus

“Time makes a step; time makes a circle …” – With these Swiss watches from Hanowa right and forget about time and swirl in the sparkling dance of light and warmth! The merry drops outside the window shimmer in the sun with all the colors of the rainbow. So let in your collection there will be magnificent bracelets of Hanowa Circulus with the first signs of the coming spring. “Take away the chapel of love, a couple of drops of fire” – just not on your shoulder, as in a song, but on your wrist!

Women’s Swiss watch Hanowa Circulus

Hanowa Circulus

The most beautiful thing that can be in finishing the wristwatch for young girls and women is the mother-of-pearl. Light or dark dial, playing in the sun – it’s worth a lot! However, Hanowa brand, on the contrary, is focused on inexpensive women’s accessories, which differ from their eminent Swiss counterparts only in that, instead of diamonds, Hanowa designers put fainites or zircons in their watches. And the rest of the parameters (including sapphire crystal ) completely meet all the requirements, to be called a quality Swiss watch. Keep reading: The Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch Review

Despite the fact that the watch is three-armed, on the dial, there are only four reference hour markers for determining the time, without seconds of serifs. Is this indication convenient? It’s up to you. Although you will agree, the main advantage of these watches is not in the way of time display and not even in the excellent quartz movement of the Ronda 763 E. Zest is in an additionally removable bracelet that can be worn with or without a watch! Check this: http://magazinzoo.com/gucci-mens-watch-review/

Large round links of the watch bracelet are interspersed with small rectangular, on which the brand logo is imprinted. Links of an additional bracelet are decorated with more festive crystal inserts.

Bracelet of Hanowa Circulus

Hanowa Circulus

All steel bracelets are covered with IP-coating to increase the strength and durability of the watch, and also enhance the brilliance!Water protection of the watch is minimal – up to 30 meters. Of course, given their membership in the fashion industry, not sports, this characteristic will not raise questions.

The diameter of the case is the most standard – 35mm, suitable for any wrist.Stylist’s comment: “Whether you follow a fashion trend, combining a watch and a bracelet on one wrist, or prefer a more traditional option – Hanowa Circulus watch will become your universal accessory, which will adequately complement any image.”

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