The Most Beautiful Watch of the World Cacheux 8 review

Let me ask you a question. How important is the number 8 in Chinese culture? Personally, I know that it is considered a powerful and positive symbol. I saw many high-end wristwatches, which in one way or another were associated with the number 8. Most of the watch brands do not hide that they do this to attract customers.

Cacheux 8: Features

Cacheux 8 review

For Cacheux 8, the number 8 is really a certain symbol. It goes without saying that the model will be produced in a limited edition – only eight pieces. The name of the watch “8” implies that it took eight months to create them. On the dial, there is a massive eight-karat diamond, the body is made of 88 grams of 18-carat gold (white, pink or yellow and platinum as an option). Do not forget that on the dial is a large figure 8, which is also made of 18-carat gold. Let me assume that the price should also be at least eight digits! Keep reading: The Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch Review.

Cacheux 8: Design

The design is definitely unique, thanks to the talented designer Fabien Cacheux. He always comes up with unique ideas and concepts of watches – far from those that can easily be embodied in life. The designer considers the release of Cacheux 8 “tribute to the number 8”.

Cacheux 8: Dial & Cover

At the same time, although the model is a unique set, it reminds me of the Montblanc Grand Tourbillon Heures Mysterieuses. Not exactly the same, of course, but they have similar in theme dials, similar tourbillons. Can a large diamond on the dial be next to the tourbillon? Will they divert attention from each other? Who knows. The Cacheux 8 watch will have five days of power reserve with manual winding. You can see the movement of the mechanisms through the back cover of the watch.

Cacheux 8 review

While the dial looks quite large, the arrows seem a bit paltry. I think that the dial is difficult to read. So, I still think that the space of the dial could be used a little better and make it more legible.

Cacheux 8: Additional features & Price

It is difficult to say for what purposes on the dial such a large diamond. It’s all like a ring, is not it? Instead of a heap of stones, these watches simply prefer to focus all attention on one large shiny stone. Although I do not think that this is such a big feature of the watch. I think it would be cool to rotate the diamond once a minute. This might add some shine to the clock. The price of the Cacheux 8 clock is currently unknown.

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