The Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch Review

Cacheux Elephant Automatic is a watch that captivated me with its novelty and elegance. The new watch company Cacheux Haute-Horlogerie was founded by Fabien Cacheux (French designer). The distinctive features of the Cacheux Elephant Automatic watches are a special case, as well as an interesting model of a leather strap.This practical model, manufactured by Fabien Cachoe, began to be manufactured already a year after the company was founded – but in a very limited number.

Review of Cacheux Elephant

Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch

Manufacturers of Cacheux Elephant Automatic, in France, try to explain the name of the clock in roughly the same way – “They are massive and impressive, like an elephant “, Yes, they seem to be gigantic and require respect, but we will not dwell on this. The Cacheux Elephant Automatic watch has many interesting features, in particular, the mechanism, as well as the strap. It really is a special strap, having a distinctive design that will catch the eyes of most people. The idea is simple. The Cacheux brand will measure your wrists (customers), and customize the calf leather strap to your size. Cacheux Elephant Automatic watches are exotic and in most cases the owners of this model are collectors. Continue reading: Review of Men’s Swiss watches Armand Nicolet.

Cacheux Elephant Automatic: Dimension & Design

The Cacheux Elephant Automatic body is 42 mm wide, is an ideal circumference and not too large. What makes it interesting to wear these watches is the shackles that increase the vertical dimension to 77 mm. This means that you will have to get used to it a little, because this model has large ledges, and there is no possibility of hiding the watch under the sleeve. The elephant is not too thick, they are only 11 mm thick and have a water resistance of up to 30 meters. The glass is made of sapphire, which protects the watch from mechanical influences. The dial has the color of ivory, of course, when it is made, there are no ivory bones used, it would be cruel and illegal in most countries.

Cacheux Elephant Automatic: Mechanism

Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch

While Cacheux Elephant Automatic watches are made by the French designer, this model is Swiss made, as evidenced by the corresponding ” Swiss Made ” mark on the back of the watch. The automatic mechanism is quite interesting. I like that it has a special rotor, it allows you to be content with the convenience of automation. Automatic mechanism caliber LAH 1326, released by artisans from Les Artisans Horlogers, the balance frequency of which 28,800 vibrations per hour. The back of the watch has a viewing window, allowing you to enjoy the movement of the mechanism, it is also made of sapphire.

Cacheux Elephant Automatic: Price & Additional Features

Cacheux Elephant Automatic watch is made to order from 18-carat yellow, white or rose gold. They are made specifically for the customer and can take 3 to 4 months from the time of purchase until the finished model is obtained from the manufacturer.

At the moment, there are only 11 models of Cacheux Elephant Automatic. The price of the Cacheux Elephant Automatic watch is about $ 66,500, but depending on the customer’s wishes, it may increase somewhat.

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