Review of Swiss Military Hanowa Challenge watch

Swiss manufacturers often use military themes in the design of their products, but a few units have the right to use in the title words and phrases related to the Swiss army. The watch company Hanowa was established in 1963 and named after the founder Hans Noll Watches. By the early 90’s, it earned sufficient authority and showed the appropriate quality of products, so that the brand name expanded to Swiss Military Hanowa.

Swiss Military Hanowa Challenge watch review

In today’s review, the model from the Challenge collection, men’s wristwatch Swiss Military Hanowa Touchdown Chrono 06-4304.04.003. They are very accurately displayed and processed several popular directions at once. On the one hand, this is a retro-military, as indicated by the overall appearance of the dial, and a rough leather belt, and shades. On the other hand, the watch is equipped with a rotating bezel and a screwed crown – the true signs of a diver’s watch. Designers and engineers also played on the current popularity of chronographs: the watch is equipped with a stopwatch. Continue reading: The Best Watches to Give to Your Girlfriend

Swiss Military Hanowa Challenge watch

The company creates a wristwatch in military style and with characteristics suitable for using these watches in the army. In addition, all products comply with the strict laws of the Swiss Confederation, regulating the use of the Swiss made labeling. Since 2017, the law has been toughened: at least 60% of the cost price – including the cost of spare parts – and 100% of the assembly process should come from Switzerland. But the brand, which has its own factory in Mendrisio (the Italian-speaking canton in the south of the country), such changes are not terrible. Mechanisms, though they do not produce themselves, use calibers of exclusively local production (ETA, ISA).

Swiss Military Hanowa uses the best technology

Most models have sapphire glass, all watches have a minimum “military” water protection of 100 meters, and the mechanisms have impact resistance. The choice of materials and the technology of their processing allow you to operate the watch in harsh conditions so that travelers and sports fans will find a suitable clock for themselves.

The most noticeable detail of the dial is the outer ring of the rifle steel shade, delineated by a second scale. It sets the basic tone of the external appearance. In the same range, the sector on the bezel is made from zero to fifteen, and the case itself is polished in such a way that it resembles the detail of the gun: the matte surface “in military style” gives the minimum of the sun’s rays. Well, what a military retro without clear Arabic numerals – the composition of volume watch markers resembles white enamel.Swiss Military Hanowa Challenge watch

Small displays are barely distinguished by the finest guilloche from concentric circles, they are not a visual center, but their function is fulfilled with the ultimate efficiency. The tips of small arrows are covered with white glossy paint, contrasting with the dark blue dial, which makes it easy to read the readings.

The dial of a heavily male watch is recessed under glass, it’s almost vertical inner edge is drawn on a tachymetric scale. The dial with a lot of small elements was created for people with good eyesight, but the level of detail is amazing. The hour and minute hands of the main temple are partially skeletonized, their edges are filled with green luminescent, and the same composition is dropped by the drop in front of each hour.

Performed in the diver’s manner, the bezel rotates in one direction for 120 clicks, its ribbed edges fit comfortably under the fingers. It turned out a nice bonus to the stopwatch: this bezel is a mechanical countdown timer. In the vicinity of three hours on the bezel we see a window, this is a decorative element that is part of the crown guard. Level with a bezel is a sapphire crystal, ensuring no scratches during socks.

Dimensions can be called averageSwiss Military Hanowa Challenge watch

In general, the dimensions are not fanciful, the watch sits comfortably. The back cover is screwed on, all the basic information about the model is engraved on it. As a “cursor” is selected quartz movement Ronda caliber 5030D, it’s a stopwatch with a split function and calendar.

The strap of genuine leather on the front side is painted blue in tone to the dial, thick skin is pleasant to the touch. Firmware with rough stitches, the classical tank of unusual shape. Such belts are usually bought separately from third-party manufacturers, but Swiss watches Swiss Military Hanowa 06-4304.04.003 – this is the embodiment of unity.

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