Valentine’s Day Watches: The Best Watches to Give to Your Girlfriend

The plan for Valentine’s Day is firmly in your mind. You will go to take it with your valentine’s day watches. You know that hates that smell mixed between soccer bag and scent for cheap cars. She will come down and it will be beautiful, as always. You will head to your favorite restaurant. It will be there as soon as you park it, you will give it the gift. Already the gift, the only missing piece of your perfect plan.

Over the years you have given her. Pandora’s charm, a romantic weekend, the master’s ring who so desired, and now? What to do?

4 wonderful valentine’s day watches

I come to your help with the new episode of our column. Here we present the 4 Valentine’s day watches to give to your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day.

Swatch Romeo and Juliet

“O Romeo Romeo, why are you, Romeo?” Women love the troubled history of intense and united love in death told by William Shakespeare.

Valentine's Day Watches

The Swiss house Swatch comes to the rescue of all the desperate for Valentine’s gift, with the beautiful Swatch Romeo and Juliet. This watch is perfect for this special day. The dial represents the scene in which Romeo goes to Juliet’s window. Heart-shaped indexes, Roman numerals at three, six, nine, and twelve are perfect for the romantic setting of the timepiece.

Well finished packaging. The colors of the drapery of the era in which the Shakespearean drama is set.

Inside you can see the scene of Romeo climbing on Juliet’s balcony with the phrase declaimed on that occasion by the girl:

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo?

Deny thy father and refuse thy name,

Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love,

And I’ll no longer be to Capulet.

Is there perhaps something more suitable?

Ice Watch-Ice Love black

Does your girlfriend love Swarovski diamonds? Is she hopelessly romantic and a dreamer?

Then the watch to give away is the Ice Watch – Ice-Love!

This quartz watch has drawn on the dial a heart of black Swarovski diamonds. It creates an elegant and romantic effect. The Ice love is a timepiece with a fairly low cost is still good workmanship.

Valentine's Day Watches

The characteristics that lead me to recommend this watch are basically three:

The flashy style but still polite, especially thanks to its total black dial.

The “Mercedes” balls so dear to the Rolex Submariner , one of my favorite watches.

The silicone strap and the aquatic resistance of 10 atm that allow its use at sea, which will surely please those who receive it.

In short, a nice watch but at the same time with a touch of sportiness that could be a great gift for your girlfriend.

Frederique Constant Amour Heart Beat

If this Valentine’s Day is in your wishes the last one to be engaged and the next one to be married, the Frederique Constant Love Heart Beat could be the perfect watch to give to your partner.

Valentine's Day Watches

This fantastic timepiece is designed and created to reflect the romanticism of modern women.

The case is 34 mm in diameter and is available in two versions. One in steel and the other in rose gold. Around it are placed one by one a series of marvelous diamonds.

The highlight of the Frederique Constant Amour Heart Beat is the dial: the interior is enriched by a fine guilloche decoration. The outer ring is instead of mother-of-pearl. The dial is embellished by the word “Amour” in its upper part, the “o” is engraved in the shape of a heart and shows the automatic movement of the watch.

This watch is available in three variants: chocolate, opal white and creamy yellow.

If you want a watch that will melt your future wife like a trilogy ring, these will the better option of spent money on your life.

Maurice Eliros Lacroix Date

If your girlfriend does not like romanticism, she prefers something more classic or simply wants to give her a watch that is suitable for every occasion, the Maurice Eliros Lacroix Date is perfect to solve the dilemma of Valentine’s Day gift.

Valentine's Day Watches

The Maurice Eliros Lacroix Date is a magnificent quartz watch, with a classic and elegant look; the dial is a marvelous silver color that binds perfectly to the steel case. The Roman numerals at six, nine and twelve make this watch a perfect blend of classicism and elegance.

The strap has excellent quality. The symbol of Maurice Lacroix embroidered on the ribbon where are the holes in which passes the well-finished barb closure.

Before saying goodbye I would like to make an impact. I chose Valentine’s day watches that were good for every type of pocket, in fact, I preferred to choose two watches under one hundred dollars, one above one thousand dollars, and the other under one thousand dollars. Obviously, there may be watches that you feel are more suitable but these are the ones I would personally choose.

Greetings to the next article!

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