Review of Perrelet Turbine XL watch

The wealthy men who stand with good watches and talk about cars and boats are often watched by their companions, who just sigh and think: “men and their toys”. Most of the high-quality material we love are actually toys. Being similar to a toy worsens the feeling of luxurious and high-quality prestige, but not for Perrelet. Singer George Corn agrees with this and is the owner of the wristwatch Perrelet Turbine XL.

Review of Perrelet Turbine XL watches
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Review of Perrelet Turbine XL watch

Perrelet created hellish fun – the original watch Perrelet Turbine, Changing the name – “the Turbine XL“. It is something big, has a more distinctive design and more like a turbine, a stylish turbine dial. The rotating turbine on the dial is not a functional part and does not even try to be like it. It is meant to be pure visual entertainment. The development of the clock returns to the dual concept of the Perrelet rotor, where the automatic rotor at the rear of the clock was connected to another rotor on the dial of the watch. This signature Perrelet was a few years ago. The Turbine XL watch – for effect’s sake – there is no longer a rotor on the dial that is connected to the rotor in the gear. This allows the turbine to rotate much freer (for a cooler effect) than the one in the automatic gear.

Overview of Perrelet Turbine XL watches

Perrelet Turbine XL: Mechanism

The excellent decoration of the mechanism, the engraved black rotor is quite successful and well made. Most models of Perrelet Turbine are made of titanium, although there is also an available gold version. Titanium models polished the coated steel framing DLC, while some of the models (such as orange) are in the coated metal of the entire DLC. Perrelet uses a very good DLC application process and improves the shape of the watch when it seems very angular.

Overview of Perrelet Turbine XL watches

Size & Instructions

The instructions of the Perrelet Turbine XL dial are very welcome design elements that add visual and interesting quality. The watch is 50 mm wide, the reason for “XL” is part of the title (the original Perrelet Turbine model was 43-44mm wide). This number is likely to scare some people, but do not worry. Because of this, the watch does not wear out, the relatively short thrust and the thick area between the outer edge of the clock face is thick. Turbine XL – the perfect size for such watch.

Review of Perrelet Turbine XL Gold watches

Perrelet designed the watch to be water resistant to 50 meters, and for this used a dome-shaped sapphire coating. A very convenient high-quality rubber belt has been added to the project. The band is made of polished titanium. Perrelet skeleton chronograph is another awesome collection of the manufacturer.

Perrelet did a fantastic job of creating a clear dial. The arrows are large and wide – a properly colored second hand. On the orange and green models, the arrows are black on the black dial but quite clear, the turbine is a mixture of two colors, during the rotation, they blend together. Perrelet has a sophisticated inclined dial that helps reading the time.

Perrelet Turbine XL watch singer George Corne

Perrelet Turbine XL is a comfortable and high-quality watch. There are several models in the Turbine XL line, and most range from about $ 6,000-6,650. A limited edition – a version of 18-carat gold will cost about $ 25,000.

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