Review of Swiss men’s watch Wainer WA.10980 from the collection Zion

Review of Swiss men’s watch Wainer WA.10980

These watches are a combination of the cultural characteristics of different peoples with one very recognizable style. These watches can do a lot and still have a very attractive price. All the charms of watches Wainer Zion – in our Wainer WA.10980 review.

Specifications of Wainer WA.10980

  • Type of mechanism: Quartz.
  • Caliber: Ronda 5030.D Ronda 5030.
  • Case: 316L steel with PVD coating steel with PVD coating 316L steel with PVD coating.
  • Clock face: The black.
  • Bracelet: Leather belt leather belt leather belt.
  • Water protection: 100 meters 100 meters 100 meters.
  • Glass: Mineral hardened convex with anti-reflective coating sapphire crystal mineral hardened convex with anti-reflective coating.
  • The calendar: Numeric.
  • Dimensions: D 46mm D 46mm.
Wainer WA.10980 review
Wainer WA.10980 review

In the introduction to Wainer WA.10980 review, there were lines about the “interwoven cultural characteristics of different peoples”… It’s time to talk about them.

Style cannot be changed

The name of the company Wainer (Weiner) by our hearing was perceived in a rather peculiar way – the closest semantic connection is built up with the Weiner brothers, the authors of the novel “Era of Mercy”, which became the main for the scenario of the film “The meeting place cannot be changed.” But the watches made in Switzerland Wainer Zion, of course, have nothing to do with Soviet writers.

Wainer is a member of the Turkish group of companies Arikan, founded in 1985. Since then until now, Arikan’s goal was to create a stylish sports watch at a reasonable price, appearing in the walls of exclusively Swiss manufactories. This is evidenced by the words Swiss Made“, both in the form of an inscription in the sign of Wainer and in the form of marking at the bottom of the massive dials of watches Wainer Zion (models WA.10980-I, WA.10980-D, WA.10980- O ).

Swiss made

The words “Swiss Made” hide certain quality standards that must be met by watches made for foreign companies in Switzerland. Strict requirements are met not only by three models from today’s review but also by other watches from the Zion collection – the freedom of choice is due to the variety of shapes and color combinations of the cases.

Wainer WA.10980 Review
Wainer WA.10980 Review

The quartz caliber Ronda 5030.D is hidden under the back cover of all Wainer Zion models. The reputation of the mechanism is decent – in its segment it showed itself only from the best side. The architecture of the Ronda 5030.D caliber presupposes not only simple functions, like a calendar (a small round aperture for a 4-hour mark you notice not immediately) but also more complex options, for example, a chronograph. His counters in the Wainer Zion watch occupied the entire central part of the dial. Their location, in our opinion, very successful – large numbers and arrows leave no doubt about the ease of reading the testimony.

Not only the arrows and the tags of the chronograph counters are large in size. In Wainer Zion watches, the main hands and dial marks are also not shy of their size. The steel case of Zion models is not for shy individuals: the diameter is 46 mm, impressive control buttons on both sides are well felt in thick gloves and with wet hands. With the left side of the case everything is clear, here are the buttons for starting the chronograph and the crown. But on the right side, we are faced with an unusual technical solution – the control button of the internal bezel, equipped with a protective cap.

The appearance of this button and its cap, the shape of the chronograph start buttons, a thick leather strap with rivets at the bow, color models – all these subtle features are combined into one, in one style. This style, of course, has its own name.

On all pairs

His name is steampunk or steampunk. Take a closer look at the protective cap of the control button for the inner bezel of the Wainer Zion watch. It is so similar to the detail from a certain steam engine from illustrations to steampunk – literature. The very performance of the chronograph buttons and the shape of all the arrows on the three-level dial, the font of the indices, the color scale of the two models, except for the black and red – the Wainer Zion watches seem to have come to us from another world that has followed the path of alternative history.

The palm of the championship in steampunk stylistics among the three models of Wainer Zion is held by the watch WA.10980-0. All thanks to the “aged” brown strap: in steampunk, as you know, all the surrounding objects are a mixture of ancient images with the latest technology. Wainer Zion watches are fully reflective.

The word “Zion” (Zion) in the name of the clock cannot be used for nothing. On the hill of Zion in Jerusalem, there is a wall of the Old City, built by the Turks in the sixteenth century, when Jerusalem was under the control of the Ottoman Empire. The motives of the Turkish company Wainer, in this case, are quite understandable – the geopolitical power of ancestors that has flown in the summer inspired representatives of many peoples not only to choose the name of the watch but also to much more decisive actions.

Comparatively inexpensive sports watches Wainer WA.10980 review from the line Zion will be an excellent addition to the image of a modern young man! Stylish and bold!

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