Top 5 novelty watches of Frederique Constant

The Swiss brand Frederique Constant can be called without exaggeration the twice-born – the first office of the company Frederic Schreiner and Constant Stas was founded in Geneva in 1904, and a new life began in 1988 when Peter Stas and Aletta Bax continued the family business. Today, watchmaking fans know this brand as the embodiment of reliability, tradition and painstaking work over each of the hundreds of details of the mechanism and every element of the decor. In today’s review, five models, each of which in its own way surprises, though not at first sight.

The quintessence of the Swiss spirit

This watch – Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture Worldtimer FC-718WM4H6 – has been mentioned many times in the world and without them, the guide for this brand will be incomplete. The mechanical clock, complicated by the arrow calendar and world time, is good in all respects. They attract a harmonious size and shape of the body, and the dial attracts attention by depicting the world map, a combination of color and graphic elements.

Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture Worldtimer FC-718WM4H6
Frederique Constant Classics Manufacture Worldtimer FC-718WM4H6

Fans of watchmaking will not pass by their own manufacturing caliber FC-718 with self-winding, 26 precious stones, a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of 42 hours.

The brand tries to show the caliber in all its glory, therefore practically the entire back surface is occupied by the glass, which shows the Circular Cotes de Geneve – the Geneva stripes put on bridges and platinum.

Gift for yachting fans

Cooperation Frederique Constant with the historical society Riva, the legendary manufacturer of wooden boats and yachts, gave us a wonderful series of Runabout. Complex classic mechanical watches are produced in limited editions, each model is packed in a wooden box along with an accurate reduced copy of one of the boats – an excellent gift for a lover of luxury things.

Frederique Constant Runabout GMT Automatic FC-30RMS5B6
Frederique Constant Runabout GMT Automatic FC-30RMS5B6

New Frederique Constant Runabout GMT Automatic FC-30RMS5B6 is another watch for the traveler with the complication of GMT. Unlike WorldTimer, they do not help to see time in several time zones simultaneously, but if you need to constantly know the home and guest time, you cannot imagine a better variant.

The main show the steel arrows with a light accumulator, and which is an hour in another time zone, shows a blue skeletonized hour hand. She does it in a 24-hour format, saving the owner from calling home at an unseasonable hour.

Classics of horology

This is not just a watch “under the suit,” but a real classic of the art of preserving time. In Frederique Constant Classics Moonphase FC-335MC4P5, all praise the skill of the Swiss watchmakers. Starting from filling: inside the Swiss mechanical caliber with a gold-plated self-winding rotor, which can be seen through the rear transparent cover.

Frederique Constant Classics Moonphase FC-335MC4P5
Frederique Constant Classics Moonphase FC-335MC4P5

Continuing with their appointment: the three main arrows indicate the time to the nearest second, the switch calendar, the ability to know the current phase of the moon at any time and admire the work of the mechanism through the apertures at 12 and 6 o’clock.

And ending with the appearance: the classic male diameter of the multi-stage body, strict printed Roman numerals, guilloche filling the center of the dial and surrounding it with thin circles.

Painting in metal

What can better emphasize the elegance of a modern lady than a Swiss watch in the art deco style? A gentle oval of the case is attached to a tape of small sparkling in the sun links. This bracelet, combined with a slightly curved shape of the watch itself, rests on the wrist like a second skin.

Frederique Constant Classics Art Deco FC-200MPB2V6B
Frederique Constant Classics Art Deco FC-200MPB2V6B

Female Frederique Constant Classics Art Deco FC-200MPB2V6B – like a sculpture made of metal, where a minimum of elements gives birth to a harmonious picture. The monochrome black dial of the watch, despite its small size, allows you to easily read the time due to the contrast with white-painted hour markers and arrows.

The central part is poured into the light by a wavy guilloche. Did not ignore the creators of the watch and the profile of the model: the ribs are decorated with a vertical notch, and the black sapphire cabochon is inserted into the onion head. Such an accessory not only emphasizes your status but also points to a refined taste.

The first feminine smartwatch

The complete review of a great novelty. “What’s new here?” – exclaims the admirer of the brand. – “This is the body of the Delight collection!” But the most attentive people already probably noticed strange symbols behind even hour markers and an unusual scale of up to 100 in the middle. Yes, they give out in these elegant Swiss real smartwatch, or “smartwatch.”

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch FC-281WH3ER2B
Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch FC-281WH3ER2B

Before you Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch FC-281WH3ER2B – for the first time in the women’s building. Even for one evening dress did not fit “smart watch” on the wrist, their place is more in the gym.

In the same case, the traditions of watchmaking as much as possible merged with cutting-edge technologies. The clock is able to: please the landlady every day, collect rapturous glances, notify of missed calls or messages, control sleep (Sleeptracker) and wake up according to its phases, track physical activity every day and during training (MotionX), synchronize with the smartphone and exchange with its indicators. And they do not need to be charged: unlike all other smartwatches, the battery should not be changed in them more often than in a normal watch.

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