Sony Smart Watch 2 review

Over the past few months, there has been a tremendous interest in many well-known global brands for the creation and production of smart watches, and such a company as Sony excels in this. ” Smart Watches ” Sony SmartWatch 2 are an intriguing device – this is another display for an included mobile phone based on Android 4.0 and higher, such as the Sony Xperia Z, for instant access to notifications from selected applications and services.

Sony SW2 is able to show who is calling or writing to you in SMS, notifications on Facebook and Twitter, manage music, and perform the main function – show time.

Smart Smart Watch 2 review

Review of Sony SmartWatch 2

The main feature of Sony SmartWatch 2 is a 1.6-inch transflective LCD-display, reminiscent of the sixth-generation iPod Nano. The display itself – touchscreen, has a larger size and resolution than the old model, 1.6 inches 220 × 176 pixels, the clarity of the display allows you to use the watch in bright sunny weather. It’s almost perfect square case has dimensions: 41.6 mm wide, 41.1 mm high, and 9 mm thick. The average weight of the digital clock Sony SmartWatch 2 is 23.5 grams. If you add a silicone strap to them, then the weight of the watch with a strap will be 48.4 grams, with a metal bracelet – 122.5 grams.

Smart Smart Watch 2 review

Sony SmartWatch 2: Mechanism

The round power button on the Sony SmartWatch 2, like the Sony Xperia Z, is where there is a crown in a conventional analog clock – on the right side of the case, on the contrary, on the left side, there is a micro-USB jack for connecting the brand charge. It is covered with a rubber stopper, which prevents water or dust from entering. On the front panel, under the glass, is the logo of the manufacturer Sony.

Smart touchscreen Sony SmartWatch 2

Wrist watch Sony SmartWatch 2 are made of strong materials, has an aluminum frame and reliable plastic elements. This is a neat design, there are no valves or open ports in the device. The model is waterproof, it is protected from water splashes and rain. They can even swim in them, but dive and hold it under water for a long time – it’s not worth it.

Smart touchscreen Sony SmartWatch 2

Sony SmartWatch 2: Additional Features

Digital clock Sony SmartWatch 2 has support for NFC, which means they are more sharpened for Android, this is indicated by the touch control buttons on the display: “Back”, “Home” and “Menu”. Also, the model has Bluetooth 3.0. When fully charged, the “smart clock” will be able to work 3-4 days with normal use and 5-6 days with moderate. The battery is charged by USB charging.

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Smart Smart Watch 2 review

The new ” smart ” watches Sony SmartWatch 2 yet to be delivered on a standard black rubber strap. It has an ordinary and also a black metal buckle with an engraved Sony logo. As for the other belts, then at the expense of this unrest should not be. The manufacturer already has a variety of options 24-millimeter straps made of leather, metal (bracelets) and rubber (any colors).

Sony SmartWatch 2: Price

Touchscreen Sony SW2 will be on sale in September this year. According to some sources, the price of smart watches Sony SmartWatch 2 will be about $ 260.

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