HD3 Hidalgo XT-2

These watches are the very rare model. HD3 Hidalgo XT-2   were released around 2006 and may well become a new relic. HD3 Hidalgo XT-2 brainchild of designer Jorg Hysek and Fabrice Gonet. In fact, the watch has a “double-wide”. Of course, there are lots of visual similarity between Hidalgo XT-2 and MB & F Horological Machine Number 2. Surprisingly? Not really. After Fabrice Gonet is also one of the friends MB & F (Max Busser & Friends). Therefore, I think it goes without saying that the watch HM2 MB & F to become more successful in terms of marketing.

Review of HD3 Hidalgo XT-2

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Brand HD3 released embodiment 2 Hidalgo XT-2: 18-carat pink gold and white, 65 mm wide, 52 mm high and 15 mm thick. They are stylishly curved, so a smooth transition to the wrist. And, of course, the model has the characteristic of the HD3-fashion “double belt” alligator with an insert made of 18-carat gold. I am not sure, have one or two hours Swiss ETA 2892 automatic mechanism with a power reserve of 42 hours, but I know that this is the first attempt HD3 go beyond existing principles and to change something.

HD3 Hidalgo XT-2: Dial

The left dial has the retrograde minute and second hands and the right has arrows indicating the hours and minutes. Also, here there is open rotors mechanism (two rotors), which are arranged together on the same axis. On the right dial also displays the date.

This style is a very interesting model. The dial is for durable glass, which is made of sapphire supported with decorative elements. In the middle, between the two dials, beautifully located Arabic numerals.

HD3 Hidalgo XT-2: Additional Features & Price

Brand models are becoming crazier. Look closely and you will see that the watch has two rotors – the smaller the inner rotor, and more outside of the first rotor. This feature is now common in most watches Richard Mille. What amazes me is the fact that the original watches have a lot of interesting details that are similar to some hours of the most popular brands of high-end date. Maybe we can call HD3 Hidalgo XT-2 first dual-clock of its kind? The initial price for the hours HD3 Hidalgo XT-2 was approximately 160 000 Swiss francs, which is about $170,000.

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