Rough Passions In A G-Shock Family

It seemed like an afternoon for the G-Shock G-Lide family, which until a couple of years ago, was Timex Expedition. But now it was composed by Mrs. GLX5600 and G8900A-7. But she had not forgotten the Timex Expedition T2N721. Perhaps the explanation for this is that he had not well processed the pain that Timex T2N721, before disappearing not to return, at least would have wielded the pious lie that he went out to look for batteries.

Psychological Problems

GLX5600 also did not forget that Timex T2N721 lately seemed to have psychological problems and even hallucinations. He said he had heard God tell him that he was useless, that he was uncomfortable, he had very fine needles and the compass was confused with those of the hour, that he weighed too much and, in short, it was shit and he was going to sell it from above.

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Thus, began a solitude difficult to bear for the lady GLX5600, who sometimes often missed the radiant warmth of the leather belt of Timex T2N721, the symbolic masculinity protective of its steel case and the sometimes funny lumen at night. In order, not to fall into depressed she remembered her constant reproaches to her, such as that she never accompanied him on her adventures, that she was always waiting to look immaculate, that the pictures on her leash shown, that her white skin would show No wrinkles. And these reproaches were not very different, let’s face it, to the current G8900A-7A.

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And so, the years went by and in her passionate soul, she was delighted to dream awake as in her youth with knowing the sea and being bathed by the Moon, perhaps in a romantic setting. It was his most intimate nature to attach himself to nature, even though he never left the shelf in which he lived. So much energy was devoted to his daydreams that in his eyes seemed to be seen at all times the table of tides and the image of the moon. But he did not want to be very flirtatious, he did not want to expose himself to the strong sun, fearful of ruining his bright, unblemished white color, and he was a little afraid of the night for being struck by a blow in the dark.

Casio G-Shock G8900A-7 tired of the little exciting home life visited sordid places, attended sports shows, parties with friends, made trips to the beach and often suffered strokes and fights that filled him with scars. The meetings between GLX5600 and G8900A-7 were increasingly spaced out and these did not serve to alleviate their loneliness, nor their boredom in daily living.

But nature continued its course, and as so often happens the force of the instinctive passions occupies an excessive place and modifies our conception of the world, our existence and surroundings. And one day he appeared on the shelf of GLX5600, requesting shelter for a few days because he had nowhere to live, a huge, muscular brunette who claimed to serve many jobs. He had recently escaped from a place where he was in some way living as a prisoner and suffering various ill-treatment. This was no lie, his mineral crystal showed in numerous scars and he looked very untidy. He called himself Rangeman 9400-1.

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GLX5600 pitied him and made him a place on the shelf. Maybe they were jealous of G8900A-7 but did not like the GLX5600 decision for more than it seemed to have a good cause. Trying to reverse his decision, he spent a few days with her, while Rangeman made mysterious exits, claiming that he was going to look for work, but he always came back. She used to tell him to take better care of her appearance, which would increase her chances of finding a job.

One evening Rangeman 9400-1 already tired of hearing the suggestions of GLX5600 or perhaps with more libidinous intentions as G8900A-7 would say when this one was not present he was undressed completely. Before the astonished eyes of GLX5600, who had never seen a sensor of that size, first took a deep bath and then immersed in silicone. His sensor glowed in the sunlight and his blazing red ring near his extremity, made of steel too, was too much for GLX5600, his solitary and boring life and also for his sublimated passion for nature. It was not just a sensor, but the invitation to live the adventure without fearing to lose it, to dominate and enjoy it without limits feeding only the sunlight. Because Rangeman also promised that his accumulator would always belong to her.

G8900A-7 was no longer the man of the house. Although he had been dreading that this might happen, he had never imagined returning home one day and discovering it in such an act, with his immaculate white skin invisible beneath the enormous body of a black Mudman with his crystal with so many scars.

What will happen next?

Do we have a right to know some intimate details? Can we judge GLX5600 by its outburst of passion? One may not like the enormous sensors and only enjoy the mechanical clocks, even being a fundamentalist of the 6497 movements, but everyone has the right to live his life as he wants and to have his passions, which are not required to be shared by the rest. He who is free from sin throws the first stone, but that in a G-Shock family does not matter.

I will not condemn the GLX5600 for its infidelity, nor to G8900A-7 for its insatiable quest for adventure nor to Rangeman 9400-1 for using its huge sensor in what it did and not to continue living its life for which it was designed.

Be that as it may, it is the sometimes unforeseeable coincidences of life that inexorably lead our destiny. Each one is a prisoner of his own life, or perhaps it is God who puts us and removes the place where we are. Some clocks that are not atheists consider this an all powerful but bad being that trades with their souls, is crafty and childish, does not take into account their needs, one day uplifts one clock and the other despises it moved by incomprehensible emotions, Stupid and perverse. New theories in the religious world call the consumerism as the summit and present work of the devil.

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Humans often tear at our garments debating the right of animals, children, people with different capacities or options of life, Guinea fowl with yellow and blue stripes, but there is not a single movement in the world, nor A foundation, not even a lost page on the Internet that defends the right of every watch to have a human doll where to be happy and feel alive at all times. For worse, there are those who believe that a watch to be expensive is happy living in a box in the dark vault of a bank.


The more I know the more people I want to watch. But I am human too and I make mistakes. The duty of everyone, according to my philosophy of life and morals, is to try to be a better person every day and endure the temptations that lead us away from the path of solidarity and especially justice. This I say every day when I feel the criminal impulse to go to steal to finally buy me that I do not really need. I know it would be for a happy moment with a Marina Military with water tightness saved and enlightened. Also that if I am not as fond of full watches with my current family watch is a problem of mine and not of them, that humbly despite everything and what you think or feel about them I give the time, even when I do not need it , Showing me that time inexorably passes and that with it will come the changes, absolutely necessary for life to flow as it is. But it would not be life.

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