Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2

In this review, consider a model-EQWM1100DC Edifice Casio 1A2. Looking at the clock, we can note that it looks like a miniature aerial amusement park. The thing is that the brand Casio wanted to accommodate every possible function in an analog clock present in the majority of the best digital. To be honest, few people think that you can do such things, although Casio often experimenting with the creation of complex digital functions in an analog format. The model has an analog chronograph 1/1000 of a second, by the way, for comparison, the famous mechanical watches Tag Heuer Carrera Mikrograph value of $50,000 has a chronograph 1/100 second, but quartz Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 have Chronograph 1/1000 second for $500.

Review of Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2

Casio Edifice
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 Key Features of Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2

  • Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping (US, UK, Germany, Japan, China)

Receives time calibration radio signals which keep the displayed time accurate

Auto receive function up to 6 times per day (up to 5 times per day for the Chinese calibration signal)

Manual receive function

Signal: US WWVB, UK MSF, Germany DCF77, Japan JJY40/JJY60, China BPC

Frequency: US 60kHz, UK 60kHz, Germany 77.5kHz, Japan 40/60kHz, BPC 68.5kHz

  • Tough Solar Power
  • 100M Water Resistant
  • Neo-brite luminous hands and markers
  • World Time

29 times zones (29 cities + UTC), city code display, daylight saving on/off, home city/world time swapping

  • Daily alarm
  • 1/1000 second stopwatch

Measuring capacity: 23’59.999”

Measuring mode: Elapsed time

  • Full auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2099)
  • 12/24 hour formats
  • Low battery warning
  • Accuracy: +/-15 seconds per month (with no signal calibration)
  • Storage battery: Solar rechargeable battery
  • Power saving function
  • Battery life: 5 months on full charge (without further exposure to light.

Casio Edifice brand has developed a collection of just a few years, which has many regular fans. Edifice EQWM1100DC-Casio 1A2 – the opposite of ordinary watches. In fact, Casio designers did their best to give the dial a magnificent three-dimensional view with a lot of textures and layers. The dial is very picky, it has yellowish white hour markers and hands, they are covered with fluorescent composition and are clearly visible in the dark. Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Men’s watch has a perpetual calendar that you want to adjust only once, in the direction of 3 o’clock is a date window.

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2: Functions

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 Japanese watches have four pushers and a host of features that are not too obvious, so before you use them, please read the instruction manual. Brand Casio added a lot of useful functions, simplifying the life of the user, for example, hours 6 times a day are synchronized with the local atomic clock using radio signals, as well as performed powered by solar panels in any light. In power saving mode, the battery can run for about 5 months.

In addition to the time, date and chronograph 1/1000 seconds, the watch has a world clock and signal function. World Time function is neatly located in the upper right dial.

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Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2: Size

Wristwatches Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 are made of stainless steel with black IP coating, they have impressive colorful accents of black, green and yellow. The width of the model is 46.9 mm, height – 51.5 mm, height – 13.7 mm. Men’s Watches Edifice has a mineral glass that provides a pretty good water resistance – 100 meters. The watch comes with a bracelet integrated into the body, it is unfolding buckle with a button.

Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2: Price

In general, the Japanese watch Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 impressive here, thanks to Casio brand, you will experience a perfect combination of the latest technology and watchmaking. The dial has really nice view, there is good work chronograph 1/1000 seconds. Price watch Casio Edifice EQWM1100DC-1A2 is $500.

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