How To Select Original Casio Watches

General Rules For The Selection Of The Original Casio Watches

  • First of all, do not expect to buy a good watch with hands. Smiling man at the station will offer you their Casio for the cost of a ticket home, that’s just how he is already half a year does not leave. Ironically, despite the popularity of large-scale online flea markets such as “Avito” scammers can still be found on the streets, do not think that this is a fairy tale.

    How To Select Original Casio Watches
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  • Pay attention to the price: the desire to save quite natural, but the difference is several times – the main sign of a fake. Watches, which are from the manufacturer, say 10-12 thousand rubles, with any discount or at a distributor may not be worth fifteen hundred (but for a cheap piece of plastic that has no relationship to the concept of “clock”, it is even too high a price ).
  • Once in the small shop, or in a corner from the shopping center, check the seller documents: if he has a contract with the manufacturer, all the certificates and proof that he is the dealer must be on hand.
  • Shop the only online store that inspires confidence. Check if it is on the list of “where to buy” on the official website of Casio. In general always look at the seller’s site information that is an official dealer.
  • When ordering over the Internet you should alert the lack of “live” pictures, especially if it is unknown to the shop. It is possible that the sellers have found photos on the net, but the real clock, even in the hands not holding.
  • If the photo is still “alive”, check the labels literacy. Error type Triple sensor instead of the Triple sensor or Ragman instead Rangeman unacceptable. Important and writing, fonts, labels can be placed “upside down”. Do cheaters still not as machines and flaws in the writing will be visible.
  • If you buy from a private individual on the internet, ask the seller to send you a “live” photos, while the clock is to be the current date. Next ask to put a piece of paper with your nickname, for example. A normal person will meet you, a liar will start to play up.
  • Production from Casio may be China, Thailand, Japan, but not Belgium and other countries. They point out, in the hope to splurge.
  • Go to the big stores, hold the hands of the clock. If there is an opportunity to examine before purchasing Casio, you will appreciate the quality of production, to see the flaws in small details, to feel how different belt material. At fakes, housing parts and belt attachment point can hang out in the original as no clearances are not allowed.
  • If the watch is already in your hands, go to the instructions and go over all the main functions. The original will not a failure, but a fake may, for example, counts to 32 seconds and reset back to zero. Something similar is possible in any other complication: Try to take the time to change the date, set an alarm, find the direction, height, pressure, time in 24-hour format, a different time zone and so on. You may not have lights.
  • Check the model clock module: on the back cover there numbers on them can define the instructions in the watch, and already on it to compare declared functional on the official site. More reviews on

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