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In recent years, have probably a lot of people have noticed interesting Internet resources related to the Swiss wrist watch – Time Pawn Shops. This phrase is quite new for the Internet user, appeared recently. In this article, I would like to stop and find out: What is All Lombard?

Lombard Swiss Watches

Top Lombard - Lombard Swiss Watches
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The phrase All Lombard – is, above all, a Lombard, but based on the original watches, most often it is Swiss. Himself Lombard – a place that provides a short-term loan secured by movable property or a certain amount when it is sold.

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Upon delivery of the watches on bail should not worry that they will scratch or damage during storage until the loan repayment. Each model is individually stored in a safe in a dense packing, in addition, with the agreement it may even restore. It’s always nice to get back to your favorite Swiss Watches superbly polished case and a new leather strap.

Only in Lombard Swiss Watches, everyone can find a wristwatch leading manufacturers of the watch industry. There is a large variety of different models of how simple the original watches, and exclusive limited series. There is a wide range of sizes, styles, and materials of manufacture. For wealthy lovers of luxury watches are models made of gold or platinum with gems and diamonds?

When buying watches in Lombard should not worry, you can select fake. All the models that fall in Lombard All are thoroughly tested for authenticity and quality by highly qualified specialists. Those experts determine the value of these hours, which is significantly lower because the clock is classified as “supported.”

Today Time Pawnshops have become more and more popular. They have many advantages for those in need of money, and for the original watch buyers. Lombard Swiss Watches – is free to determine the value of the property, to quickly and easily get the money and be sure of the reliability and safety of the mortgaged property.

Lombard Swiss Watch “Top Lombard” – is one of the most famous watch pawn shops in Moscow, having in its collection many of the original models of the best brands. He buys a new watch model and “former use” and also provides secured loans. Also, “Top Lombard” provides an opportunity to purchase not only the popular original watches but also the elite luxury models limited collections.


Address: Sentry pawnshop “Top Lombard” in Moscow

Bolshoy Znamenskiy Lane, 4 (metro Arbatskaya)

Phone: +7 (985) 998-79-78

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