How to choose vintage watches?

The so-called vintage watches – this is one of the main exhibits in absolutely every collection, the most valuable object for investments, and a small piece of history. Properly selected such retro clock – a kind of a pass into a closed little world and appreciate this feature of this collector. In addition, buying vintage watches can be a test for the nerves and the budget, as the most valuable vintage pattern, it may be just a cheap imitation.

It is rumored that the wristwatch is already dead, they are damped out. But in fact, it is a bit exaggerated information. Today the clock – it’s just part of anarchism in this era of computers and mobile phones, which are sure to show the time. However, without looking at it, settled for centuries the art of measuring time remains an attractive element to the imagination and money around the world.

Vintage watch

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Begin to recreate your personal collection hours need to select certain watch models – Watch-brooch, chronographs, retro clock, mechanical clock with a variety of complications. Each of the above types has its own specific features that you should consider when buying or choosing the next replenishment of the collection.

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The search for vintage watches

It is a fascinating and unusual process: a true collector has his own personal “Holy Grail”, so to speak a certain model of a clock, which is valuable for the owner. This can be for someone watches that have been made on the day of his birth, and for someone – hours that are devoted to a particular event or historical figures (watch Omega Speed master, issued in 1969). In any case, whatever the motives lie in wait for the search evaluation and acquisition of these special hours – the process is much more time to consume than normal visiting antique shops. In that case, if the search is completed a positive result, the pleasure of a new purchase order is obtained is greater than buying even the most expensive products.

Since the search for vintage watches – it is solely an individual matter, it is quite difficult to call watches that must be present on a mandatory basis in the collection of any connoisseur of beauty. However, still, there are some watches that are highly prized by collectors around the world. The number of hours is, for example, the Speed master watches that were made before 1969 and at the same time, to the landing on the moon Apollo 11. This watch is exceptionally clockwork of hours that have been released since 1969. Moreover, there are the famous watches the Rolex the Submariner by James Bond has – is the earliest model of watch that actor Sean Connery wore in the very first movies about the superspy. And as a result, a large number of Philippe watches on the already established tradition occupies a leading position in relation to the prices of many items on the auction of vintage watches.

Purchase at your own risk and fear

Buying vintage watches – it’s always for any collector kind of risk. So in order to buy a modern clock, simply visit the store or shop of the manufacturer, it is already purchasing vintage watches is a process that requires some research for yourself, the intricacies of knowledge, patience and time. The rapid growth in the popularity of vintage watches and a significant increase in prices for such products has led to a huge number of fakes. And it turns out, if not given the choice of a certain number of hours of time, you can easily pay a huge sum of money for ordinary forgery, which also will be made of the details of questionable production.

Currently, the Internet and in particular the emergence of eBay has changed the very representation of many watch collectors. Before the advent of this resource, they should closely monitor what’s new at auctions worldwide. Evaluation models of hours forced to spend a lot of time to read old books, to compare a particular model with the clock to save the photos, and to consult with experienced watchmakers who could easily see the elements of forgery, looking at the clock mechanisms. At this point in time this subject, like collecting hours on the Internet devoted countless websites, forums, and blogs, which have a huge amount of useful information on almost all hours of the modem, which only exist in the world.

How to distinguish a fake?

To my great disappointment, in the pages of these sites stored information is useful not only collectors but also scammers who are happy by any means to pull a lot of money from the fans of all that is beautiful and to pay for it competently make a copy of the famous clock. That information, which, as a rule, should help the buyer to compare with the original purchase, helps an attacker to create a fake that looks most like the original. Today, there are many ways to create fake watches – from a simple change of name, the usual dipping in tea dial to competently make the effect of old hours.

In addition, there is a very common method of counterfeiting hours – in the manufacture of watches used for various parts of release, for example, the introduction of a new mechanism of hours in the shell of the old clock. The buyer usually does not notice the difference, especially if he does not reveal the body and does not correlate serial hull number and the clock mechanism, and that requires or access directly to the model or picture hours in high quality, or the appropriate information on the time manufacturer’s serial numbers. Some companies, for example, IWC and Omega, collectors that provide such information. This information is stored in the archive companies for many decades. In all other cases, such as when the company withdrew from the cases, the authentication will be a very difficult process.

Property Investment – vintage watches

Yes, at first glance, it may seem to many that vintage watches – this is a very profitable investment target. However, in practice, not all models are subject to the so-called category of profitable investment object. The number of hours includes the Rolex, which was made even before the era of sapphire crystal, which replaced the glass and still unthinkable rising in price. Watches the Submariner, which was released in the sixties and was worth no more than $200, and today for her collectors is willing to shell out more than five thousand dollars. There is one object for investment – a watch of Philippe, who was released in the seventies and cost several thousand dollars, and now they are offered at auction for more than fifty thousand. And, of course, cannot ignore the clocks A. Lange & Sohne and of Audemars Piguet, which constantly increases in its price.

Of course, buying vintage watches for the collection cannot be linked to investments. Production of mechanical watches – this great art, tradition, and technique that is passed down from generation to generation. If you look at the modern and stylish watch, you’ll see grains of the generation already departed. Vintage watches – a kind of a small copy of a time machine, which is frozen at a certain point in history. So, for example, old Omega Watch Company that belonged to your uncle, no doubt reminded of the sixties, when there were in fashion hats, and the astronauts were the protagonists in the news. The pocket watch that belonged to your grandfather will remind you of a time when people wore jackets and traveled the world on trains. As a result, vintage watches – a kind of bridge between the past and the present generation of the world.

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Main features of vintage watches

Since the reasons for buying retro, the clock is almost as much as the models themselves and the clock in the world, it is not enough just to name a model that will adequately decorate any collection, but there are certain qualities that are important to pay attention to the process of selection of vintage watches.

Old age – this characteristic, at first glance, does not need any explanation, but how old, should be the clock? Despite the fact that every epoch produced worthy watch models, particular attention should be paid to vintage watches, issued in the sixties. Watch these years are characterized by high reliability and a very stylish design, which is very relevant in our day. This era of a watch is considered the peak of popularity, because in the future widespread quartz watches, mechanical and moved into the category of collectible.

Importance – vintage watches must necessarily have some importance. As a rule, the value of vintage watches have only to its owner, but this value may be a historical fact and a key moment in the history of the manufacturer. For example, the clock Omega Cosmic, released in 1966, estimated at about $ 200, and the clock Omega Sea master 300, which were released in the same year, has appreciated the order of the two, and even more thousands of dollars. The difference between these models is that the first model had a simple design, and has the clock Omega Sea master 300 had a delightful design and quality required for diving. By the way, the design of the latest model and is currently being used by the Omega, the production of modern watches.

Rarity – not necessarily that vintage watches will be released already forgotten the entire brand or in a single instance, but it’s still something that should distinguish them from the crowd. This feature can be and unique design of the dial, and the former owner of the famous, and even elements of the factory marriage, through which the clock moved into the category of unique watches.

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