Review of Samsung Gear Fit2

The new Samsung Gear Fit2 not fit into any of the categories of portable devices. In fact, it is a cross between a fitness tracker and smart watches. In short, the design of the South Koreans device borrowed from the first component as the Fit, and from the wearable Gear S2.

Whatever it was, but for $ 179 you get a very powerful gadget, making it tempting offer for those who want to acquire an accurate and high-quality tracker, but does not want to spend the more than two hundred bucks. That is, for those who wish to get their hands on Garmin Vivo smart HR + or Microsoft Band 2, but regrets such devices expensive money.

If you think about it, Gear Fit2 does not bring anything new to the concept of tracking physical activity. However, this does not prevent him from being a cost-effective purchase, because for $ 179 you can buy the best of all possible worlds’ trackers and wearable. But enough flattering words. Let’s deal with the fact whether their new gadget deserves.

Review of Samsung Gear Fit2
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Not a very high price;
Availability of GPS;
Bright and clear display;
Ability to store and listen to music.


Low battery life;
Certain restrictions on compatibility;
Insufficient accuracy of the heart rate sensor;
Restrictions in terms of text responses

Gear Fit2: appearance and comfort

The device looks much nicer and more aggressive than its predecessor. The tracker has a new textured strap, which makes the design even sportier. Device again to get a decent screen size, which has a slightly bent position. Without such solutions wearing fitness tracker at hand would be quite uncomfortable. By the way, it was their new display stands out from many competitors.

The screen of the first Gear Fit had a 1.84-inch diagonal; resolution is 432 x 128 pixels. The second generation tracker pleased that the diagonal of the display was reduced to 1.5 inches, making use more convenient, especially if you are not the thick wrist. In this screen production, technology has remained the same – it is already familiar Super AMOLED, a resolution even increased – up to 432 x 216 pixels. It turns out that the pixel density reached 322 PPI – values to which smartphones were getting even years and decades. Of course, the LCD panel remains touch. Image quality – above all praise, the image can be clearly seen even in the cloudless noon.

Gadget screen covered with a protective glass Gorilla Glass 3. It is not necessary therefore to wait for it scratches and cracks. Of course, a short test does not allow to fully experiencing the protective properties. But hit the wall and roll in the tray placed at the airport near the metal detector frame, the tracker has gone through – not a scratch on the front left.

The strap is made of polyester. In general, the device is certified according to the standard IP68. This suggests the possibility of diving with the tracker to a depth of 1.5 meters for a good half an hour. Diving work out does not work, but to take a shower or splash in the pool formally permitted.

Buyers have offered trackers Samsung Gear Fit2 two sizes. Small for wrist circumference 125-170 mm and large should be suitable for people with a wrist size of 155-210 mm. In short, you can pick a fitness tracker for me, whereas before it was possible to face the fact that the Gear Fit was sitting on the arm loose, which caused some discomfort. Mark should button-tooth, located on the strap. With its help, the tracker easily fastened, it lost a minimal amount of time. In this regard, the South Korean product looks much better every tracker Fit bit.

Review of Samsung Gear Fit2
image source: google

You might think that the different dimensions of the device and use imply a different display. But actually, it is not – screens have different versions of exactly the same gadget. Differences are observed only in weight – a great option Gear Fit2 for a couple of grams heavier than the smaller.

The sale can be found trackers with different body colors. One will like the black version, while other consumers will choose pink and blue colors.

Gear Fit2: activity tracking and heart rate

The South Koreans have tried to ensure that their fitness tracker automatically starts tracking steps, sleep and led the count of calories burned. Also, the device to learn how to understand what you’ve started doing sit-ups, or decided to take a ride on the bike. Moreover, it even recognizes the use of yoga and rowing machine!

All recorded data are written in the gadget 24-hour magazine, which you can then read. In fact, the tracker takes control of your life. This is very helpful if you want to get in shape. Interestingly, in the above-mentioned magazine even made notes about the time when fitness tracker unused. So you do not confuse your moments of finding peace with time when the gadget was lying somewhere on the table.

In short, the South Koreans have created a great service that helps you find out how many calories you’ve burned and how it is done.

On the device, there is no specific application, telling about your dream. However, the gadget can keep track of sleep – with the corresponding data can be found in the S Health program that is loaded on the smartphone and which is synchronized, tracker. By tracking device enters sleep automatically – no mode user does not need to choose before. Claims in this plan will not work to make the new product. What can I say, if it has determined that a light slumber, which swept over me before writing the review …

More using Gear Fit2 can track water consumption and caffeine. But the relevant data have to be entered manually. Nothing unusual, such applications exist and smartphones.

Independently same gadget detects your heart rate. These are measured every 10 minutes. Continuous monitoring becomes only in moments of your activity. For example, as measured by cardiac activity during. But in rowing time monitoring of heart rate does not occur at all. It seems that the sensor prevents splatter. The user manual is available and disconnects the sensor, it can be done in the settings. So it is possible to achieve a longer duration of battery life. After all, you can measure the heart rate and by pressing the corresponding button, exactly when you need it.

Unfortunately, the accuracy of counting the number of heart beats is called into question. During strenuous workouts, difference with measurements using the Polar H7 (worn on a belt encircling the chest) was 20 beats per minute. Approximately the same was the difference in comparison with Garmin Felix 3 HR.

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If the measurement of heart rate occurs in calm conditions, not during your run, the difference with the results shown above two devices was not so great. Usually, it is from two to ten beats per minute.

Afraid of all this is not necessary. The fact that the accuracy of many portable gadgets suffers the same problem. Blame should be optical sensors, with which happens heart froze. They are not perfect, and therefore, for example, are not suitable for use in medical devices, where accuracy is important evidence. And their use in consumer devices because of the fact that nothing better is you cannot imagine.

Gear Fit2: fitness training

The novelty is not the altimeter, but she is still able to understand when you climb up the stairs. Other sensors are packed into this tracker include an accelerometer, a barometer, a gyroscope, a heart rate monitor, and GPS.

The presence of the navigation module allows completely abandon sync with your smartphone during outdoor workouts. After the lesson, you can view your route or jogging – it is displayed directly on the screen.

As mentioned above, Gear Fit2 automatically determines the type of the current exercise. But it is possible and manual selection, this is especially true in the case of classes something exotic. You can also choose a goal of training. For example, among the options appear on the duration, calories burnt, distance and the target pace. But nobody forbids not set a goal, doing for fun until you get bored. Tracker regularly notifies the status update – corresponding to the voice message you hear in the headphones, if, of course, they are hooked.

Tests have shown that the automatic change of the training works well. Without headphones connected for achieving the objective notify palpable vibration.

If the type of workout manually selected, the gadget will give a three-second countdown before the start of classes. As for GPS-module, it also works without any glitches. It is thanks to him Samsung Gear Fit2 very accurate in the calculation of distance.
But with spontaneous jogging tracker handle, it is not very good. Of the seven races device short time to recognize three or four. However, these gadgets are not created to track the sprint races. Finally, keep in shape can only be by means of long runs. And Gear Fit2 they cope without problems. I also planned to swim with a tracker on a kayak. But the weather is summed, and risk unit took out for testing, did not want to.

Perhaps the new functional fitness tracker safely is called rich. Beginners never enjoyed wearable devices, he definitely will cause awe. Therefore, Samsung Gear Fit2 may be a good gift for the New Year, which is a destination sure spur to bring their physical form in perfect condition.

If you do not look at the tracker, it turns off the screen. This was done, of course, to save energy. Unfortunately, during jogging device did not work properly – it often does not include the display when I turned up the hand wrist. Eventually, I realized that it is easier to press one of the buttons on the side than to hope for automation. It is possible that this test sample in trouble. And I note that all the sensors are triggered correctly in the normal walking mode – the screen begins to display a picture at exactly the moment when you held up a hand.

Even in moments of active workout hard enough to scroll the screen and navigate through the various menu items. In short, the user interfaces only at the ideal time, when still. Fortunately, you can see the statistics of training with a single click, and it does not cause problems. The catch lies in the fact that this action is spent albeit minimal, but time. Sometimes I have the impression that exactly the same time, I would have spent on viewing the result in S Health, on my smartphone, good to get it out of the pocket of labor would not have been.

If we talk about the performance of the navigation module, then everything here is also very controversial. From the start of training to recognize GPS-satellites it takes about 20 seconds. These are the second, which does not appear in the above-mentioned 24-hour log. Note that such a lengthy search for satellites in Samsung Gear Fit2 is not always – sometimes the time is reduced to five seconds.

Gear Fit2: Features

Under the body of the device hidden 512 MB RAM and 4 GB of non-volatile memory. The operating system is worth Tizen – Samsung proprietary development. Also, the gadget features include a dual-core processor with 1 GHz. Actually, Gear Fit2 even be used as an MP3-player – a few music albums exact enough.

Review of Samsung Gear Fit2
Image source: google

The vertical interface facilitates access to different applications. But some of it may seem uncomfortable – such people can switch in the settings to the horizontal orientation. More here you can adjust the brightness. But it is much easier to do a swipe down, right on the main screen. In the same manner, a mode is switched “Do Not Disturb” and open the music player. Along the way, the operating system will tell you whether the currently active Bluetooth and some charge left in the battery.

Swipe to the right brings the user to the notification screen, where they can read or delete. Scrolling to the left causes a greater number of application shortcuts. Interestingly, they can display any additional information, if they click.

Fortunately, Gear Fit2 interface does not involve only the touch control. On the right end of the device, there are two buttons – the top allows you to move back and the bottom makes a transition to the main (home) screen. More Home key is able to open the list of applications, which can be seen the traditional paging up and down. All programs are sorted in alphabetical order. It is a pity that Samsung does not allow the last couple of running applications to move to the top of the list – it would be very convenient.

To listen to music, you can upload it to the internal memory. But you can do Spotify application – in this case, music is transferred from your smartphone. Listening to music is offered by means of Bluetooth-headset. The player supports shuffle, repeat, he understands and playlists. Overall, the music player is not very far behind in terms of functionality from similar applications for smartphones.

Gear Fit2: notification and application

Notifications include text messages, phone calls, e-mails, calendar events and more. Double-clicking on a notification immediately increases the font. Double-tap again reduces the font. As Microsoft Band 2, South Korean novelty allows you to send a pre-written quick answer or a smiley.

Review of Samsung Gear Fit2
image source: google

The quick response of sending only available when interacting with native messenger Samsung and the official Facebook app. If you try to do the same with the messenger for SMS-messages or application Instagram, then nothing happens – so you just open a notification on your phone. Do not get through Gear Fit2 transfer and voicemail as well as the device does not have a microphone in their composition.

Official app companion for Gear Fit2 contains a 24-hour magazine and many other features. At the same time, it actively cooperates with the S Health, if the utility is installed on the Samsung smartphone. If the machine is used manufactured by another company, then do not worry – in any case, you will have access to information on sleep, and the other steps of your activity.

And yet there is a definite separation. Some information can be found only in S Health. In fact, this solution will be called uncomfortable even South Korean smartphone owners, because they have to regularly go from one application to another.

As for the other utilities, their number can not be called very large. Before writing the review from the online store have been no dial or application. At the time of this writing, the shop added hundreds of dials and eight programs. Not much. But let’s hope that third-party developers will become more active as a fitness tracker will be sold worldwide.

Gear Fit2: Battery and Compatibility

According to the manufacturer, installed inside the battery, which capacity is 200 mAh battery should provide up to three or four days on a single charge. To believe the company is not worth it. During testing, the device had to charge it every two days. This is when you install the brightness by 60% and making regular updates. It seems that if you disable sync battery life will increase to two and a half or even three days, but in this case, the functional delays slightly slash.

Review of Samsung Gear Fit2
image source: google

I note that in my tracker did not come all the notifications. I specifically requested not to send messages application Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, as they squander a great time. It would be possible to carry out various experiments, trying to achieve the stated indicators of Samsung. But then review Gear Fit2 be delayed indefinitely.

Charging takes about an hour. Included with the tracker you will find branded USB-cradle, through which energy is transferred and implemented on the device.

In terms of compatibility Gear Fit2 pleases already far more than the notorious Gear S. But on other fitness trackers, innovation in this regard is still lagging behind. It will communicate only with smartphones based on Android 4.4 or newer operating system. Many smart clocks based on Android Wear does not suffer such a serious selectivity.


Samsung Gear Fit2 combines the advantages of smart watches and fitness tracker. New get comfortable to wear. Hardest buyer should please the function of music storage and GPS-tracking. The measurement accuracy of the device is quite high if only to forget about the active training. Yet it should be noted that only the tracker is designed for owners of smartphones based on one of the latest versions of Android. In short, the gadget will appeal to newcomers unfamiliar with the world of wearable electronics. This is a great fitness tracker, but not for those who prefer a hardcore workout.


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