Quartz or automatic?


In most cases quartz watches are more expensive than automatic watches. The price of quartz watches is 50 dollars up. Automatic watches are more expensive, but in general also have mechanisms of higher quality.

Time accuracy

On this issue, we say that quartz watches minimal deviation is recorded. Automatic watches instead fail this precision. What is very important is how and where the clocks are kept. It is no coincidence that the rotor there are boxes for automatic watches.

quartz-or-automaticUseful life

As regards the bustle of everyday life, quartz watches can say they have a slight advantage over automatic watches. Automatic watches are more delicate since their mechanisms are the result of careful and hard work of adjustments, which does not occur in quartz watches. Since quartz clocks operate digitally, ie no mechanical operating parts are in the same, they do not give virtually fault. Mechanical watches however are another story …


Now it is when the issue becomes subjective. Quartz watches can be elegant, however, automatic watches them take advantage in this area. Automatic watches are able to dazzle thanks to the complexity and refinement of its mechanisms. In our view, the absolute winner here.


Stacks of hard quartz watches average about two to CHILDREN. The spending is therefore acceptable, costs about four dollars a stack as a rule. In the case of automatic watches, we can dispense entirely from a stack, since the same movement of the TODDLER ace normally generates the momentum needed to keep the clock running.

Repair costs

Here too automatic watches are placed overhead. The purchase price watches automatic watch is higher but in the case of having to repair it, worth in most cases. In the case of quartz watches, the cost of repair often exceeds the purchase price of the watch itself.

How does it work?

Quartz watches are served quartz crystals manufactured artificially instead of using a mechanical movement. The crystals vibrate by electricity generated by the battery. The vibrations are transmitted to the motor of the watch who handles the needles move at the right pace. The deviation march quartz watches stood on average in 0.02 seconds a month ..

Automatic watches work through springs. The pace, unlike quartz watches is generated through a complex mechanical and not through crystals. The deviation up a timer always depends on the type of mechanical bearing but certainly, it is almost always greater than present quartz watches.

And finally

As always: For tastes are colors. Quartz watches are often used more daily. Instead, automatic watches are objects of great prestige are increasingly popular. Unlike conventional quartz watches, automatic watches often understood as an investment.

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